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Master Thesis Topics

A selection of the Master Theses Topics. Selected titles are linked to the Library Databank.  Screen example.

Please note that some Master Theses are blocked from publication for several years. These do not appear here.



A selection of thesis topics:

Blay Sempere, Álvaro: Design and validation of a low backsputtering facility for FEEP lifetime testing. Enpulsion, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Chatterjee, Souvik: Development of mission analysis tools for cis-lunar trajectories and landing. Innovationsgesellschaft Technical University Braunschweig, Germany

Masud, Faisal: Design and experimental verification of an optimized Test-Pod for vibration testing of a 3U Cubesat. FHWN, Austria

Serrano Pedersen, Rene: Performance mapping of a FEEP thruster with thrust vectoring capability. Enpulsion, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Szabó, Bence: Simulation of process induced deformations during composite manufacturing using OpenFOAM. FHWN, Austria



A selection of thesis topics:

John Pathrose, Mithun: Redesign of Fauvel AV361 Fuselage to Improve Crash Survivability. FHWN, Austria

Laguarda Sánchez, Luis: Bi-directional Transition between Regular and Mach Reflections in Asymmetric Shock Interactions. Technical University Delft, Netherlands

Peczinka, Andrew Stephen: Safety Analysis and Comparison of a Dual Copter VTOL Hybrid Aircraft Control System with Increasing System Complexity. FHWN, Austria

Sebastian, Rohit George: Extension of the OpenFOAM solvers for improved flow front prediction during liquid composite molding considering thermal effects and vacuum infusion. Montana University, Leoben, Austria

Stanković, Uglješa: Design of a Dual Copter VTOL Hybrid Aircraft Prototype for Analysis of the Transition Phase from Vertical to Horizontal Flight. FHWN, Austria




A selection of thesis topics:

Baduini, Flavio: Design and Operation of a Test Bench for Microgravity Physics Investigation. FOTEC, Austria

Balachandran Nair, Achuth Nair: Extension of the OpenFOAM solvers for improved flow front prediction during Liquid Composite Molding considering cure kinetics. Montana University, Leoben, Austria

Bondal, Dmytro: Investigation of New Approaches to reduce Locking Mechanisms in Plane Four-Noded Finite Elements. FHWN, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Hambling, Collin: Experimental Investigation of Baffled Tube Ram Accelerator Operational Characteristics.  USA

Mione, Michele: Determination of Transient Heat Fluxes of High Temperature Materials in Plasma Wind Tunnel.  IRS, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Pavesi, Sara: Characterisation of Ablative Thermal Protection System Materials through Analysis and Inverse Methods. IRS, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Schneider, Yannick Gernot: Compaction behavior of textile preforms and sealant materials used in the Advanced RTM Method. Montana University Leoben, Austria




A selection of thesis topics:

Cacic, Bruna: Innovative methods and the relevant success factors for the analysis of Earth Observation and Remote Sensing data. FHWN, Austria

Chincholi,, Kiran Ravindra: Conceptual and Preliminary Aerodynamic Design of a Stratospheric Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Micro-Gravity Simulation. We are Spaceship, Germany

Fari, Ouassim: Real-time simulator layout and algorithm for sustained heavy acceleration. FHWN, Austria

Jelem, David: Development and experimental validation of a theoretical model to describe the correlation between field geometry, beam divergence, droplet generation and impedance of a liquid Indium FEEP ion thruster. FOTEC; Austria

Miralles Pascual, Joan Albert: Experimental Characterization of Steady State Applied-Field Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster SX3. IRS, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Mostafa, Abdelfattah: Development of a Combustion Test Rig for a Bipropellant Micro Propulsion System. FOTEC, Austria

Nandyala, Varun Reddy: Development of a high performance catalyst structure under the consideration of thermal and mechanical properties. FOTEC, Austria

Srinivasan, Bhooma:  Optimization of remote sensing image processing techniques for re-identification of rock based archaeological sites using Landsat satellite imagery. FHWN, Austria

Sypniewski Jr., Richard Henry: Assessment of the Plume Characteristics of a Miniaturized Pulsed Plasma Thruster. FOTEC; Austria

Tunk, Girish: Technology and application study of different weight saving methods on windows in commercial aircraft. RUAG, Austria

Ureche, Andra -Anamaria: A flight test area for CAMCOPTER® S-100. Austrocontrol, Austria



A selection of thesis topics:

Chandrappa Gowramma, Naveen Kumar: Conceptual Design of SimplifiedHydraulic Test Bench for Non-Rotating Aircraft Components for Asian Market. TEST-FUCHS, Austria

Göttler, Steffen: Optimisation of the receiver-unit layout of the MLAT system at the airport Frankfurt. Fraport, Germany

Gury, Lionel: Numerical Investigation of the Influence of the Injector Geometry on Flashing Behavior. DLR, Germany

 Wollner, Jürgen: Investigations for the Development of a Single-Use Shape Memory Alloy Spacecraft Valve. Airbus, Germany



A selection of thesis topics:

Anifa Mohamed Faruck, Azharudeen: Innovative concepts for solid lubrication in space. AAC, Austria

Balta, Mehment Yi´git: Simulations of Spacecraft-Electric Propulsion Interactions on Türksat-6A. FOTEC, Austria

Basavaraju, Annapurna: Automated search for future interplanetary trajectories to Jupiter based on a global optimization approach. FHWN, Austria

Bhadravati Ramesh, Ashwini: Conceptual design for a future small General Aviation multi-engine training aircraft. FOTEC, Austria

Pietraszuk, Michal: Implementation of an Efficient Pressure Load Transfer between Different Meshes (CFD-FEM, GFEM-DFEM). FACC, Austria

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