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We asked our students to give us some feedback. Interested students and applicants can read what they have to say:

Sara Pavesi, Italy. Graduated 2017

Job description: Researcher, FOTEC. Development of chemical propulsion systems

I started my MSc in Aerospace Engineering with the strong will of deepening my knowledge about the aerospace industry and improving my hands-on experience in the field. Throughout the program, ...more


 Michele Mione, Italy. Graduated 2017

Job description: Satellite Test Engineer, OHB System.

The master program gave me a comprehensive and valuable education in both theoretical and practical aspects of the main topics of aerospace engineering. Thanks to the wise combination of the courses,...more


 Kiran Chincholi, India. Graduated in 2016

Development Engineer at XtremeAir GmbH.
Job Description: Detail design and manufacturing of full-composite body Ultralight and Aerobatic Aircraft as per EASA Certification Requirements.

I chose to pursue my master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at FH Wiener Neustadt mainly due to its holistic curriculum, ...more


 Lionel Gury, Switzerland. Graduated 2015

Job title/activity: Mechanical Engineer, Airbus Defence and Space

I joined the Aerospace Engineering Programme at the FHWN in 2013, I chose this programme because I believe it offers the right balance between theoretical lectures and hands on projects.   The curriculum is really... more


  Richard Sypniewski, Michigan,USA. Graduated 2016

Job title/activity: Senior Business Development Engineer

Currently I am leading the expansion of the U.S office for ENPULSION. Working in R&D for a few years as well as in the engineering field for over 10 years more


David Jelem, Austria. Graduated 2016

Job title/activity: Project Manager, reliable networks for space systems

After three years of developing ion thrusters and managing research projects at FOTEC, the research subsidiary of FH Wr. Neustadt, I changed to a position as project manager in the field of reliable networks for space systems at TTTech. more


 Prabhat Pant, Nepal. Graduated 2016

Job title/activity: PhD student at Linköpings University, Sweden

Currently I am doing my PhD on Residual Stress Management for 3D printed metal parts for Aerospace application using Neutron Diffraction technique. I came to know about Aerospace program at FHWN...more


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