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Admission process - Eligibility requirements:

  • Secondary school leaving certificate (e.g. Austria – Matura, UK – A Levels, IB, or national equivalents)
  • Proof of adequate English language skills. Unless your native language is English you must prove adequate English skills by one of the following:
>  Language assessment on campus on the day of your interview or


I need a visa to study in Austria

I am a citizen of an EU member state

Deadline for applications:

31 March 2018

Deadline for applications:

11 June 2018

Current fees:

Tuition fee (Studiengebühr):                           €363.36 per semester

Mandatory student union fee (ÖH-Beitrag):  €  19.20 per semester

Total fees to be paid per semester:             €382.56 per semester

The same fees apply to Austrian AND international students!

Information about additional costs for international students:

Cost of living (without accomodation): approximately €500 per month

Cost for accomodation: approximately €300 per month  (Info about dormitories near the FH)

For further information you can download the Handbook for International Students here:

Handbook Part I (information about residency regulations, insurance, and campus life)

Handbook Part II (facts about Wiener Neustadt, the University, and student facilities)

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