Translations and Legalisations

Translations and Legalisations of Documents

Do I have to get my diploma translated? 

Yes. Unless the diploma is in English or German an official translation is required. Official translation is the one you can get from a certified translator.

Do I have to get my diploma legalized?

It depends on the diploma issuing country. There are certain countries for which there is no legalization needed (only translation of the diploma). And there are countries for which we require legalized documents.

There are two forms of legalization, one is called Apostil and the other one is called Full Diplomatic Legalisation. Under the following link you can find the pdf list of countries and legalization requirements:

Where do I get my diploma legalized?

In each country it is a different authority like embassy, consulate or ministry of foreign affairs. First place to start from is usually the ministry of education in the home country (the diploma issuing country).

My university does not use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Should I try to convert the credit or (weekly) hours into ECTS?

No it is not necessary. Our admissions department will check the credits.

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