Career Prospects


Graduates of this specialisation have highly sought-after skills that are attractive to marketing employers, both agency and client-side. Examples of positions that you can take after graduation include:

  • Marketing consultant
  • Marketing analyst
  • Market researcher
  • Product and brand manager
  • Account executive
  • Customer insight manager
  • Media manager


Johannes Earl Schaffer, Project Manager, Open Austria/Advantage Austria, San Francisco, U.S.


"Let's be honest, you can get a degree anywhere. But there are only few places that enable you to get an international perspective on the global marketplace. M_BCi provided me with exactly that. And in my experience this global mindset is the competitive edge you need to succeed not only today, but also tomorrow!"


Oliver Bogner, Head of Marketing, FITINN, Austria


“The BCi Master’s degree programme gave me a solid foundation in business studies, and particularly in International Marketing and Sales. As my career demands the need to regularly analyze marketing data and then present results and recommend ways forward, the BCi programme prepared me for the challenges of the market place today. Lectures and students from around the world made for a rich learning environment, as did the hands-on experience of working with companies.”


Antonio Marques Perez, Senior Market & Data Analyst Manager, Samsung Electronics, Austria


"After completing my undergraduate degree in Spain, my experience as a Master student at the FH Wiener Neustadt has been one of the most interesting and richest ones in my life. The programme has taught me to think about my future career approach by giving me the chance to interact with other students with different backgrounds as well as interesting and professional lectures coming from different branches and enterprises. I have been working for almost 4 years as a Market and Data Analyst Consultant for an International research company. This job experience helped me to foster my career to the next level and to become a Senior Market and Data Analyst for Sales and Marketing of a global Consumer Electronics Company. Without hesitation, I could say that part of the success in my young career has been due to my experience and insights learnt at the FH Wiener Neustadt and the support by lectures and senior managers. I will be always thankful for that amazing opportunity."



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