Career Prospects


The programme is designed for individuals who would like to pursue careers in treasury management, investment analysis, portfolio management and financial consultancy in a broad spectrum of organisations –corporations, medium-sized companies, banks, consulting agencies as well as public sector organisations. Examples of positions that you can take after graduation include:

  • Treasury manager
  • Risk manager
  • CFO
  • Investment analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial consultant
  • Portfolio/ fund manager
  • Investment banker
  • Trader


Manuel Rodrigues, Analyst,, Switzerland

"As a professional with approximately two and a half years of work experience in the area of Sales I joined the FHWN MBCi programme with the intention to make a career change. The MBCi programme has provided me with the opportunity to develop a broad set of analytical and technical competencies, which have helped shape my new career path as an Analyst. Since graduation, I have successfully held two positions as an analyst both in finance and online business. One of the key strengths of the FHWN is its partnership with external consultants who bring real life scenarios to the programme and I found this to be a clear advantage in preparing for my future profession." 

Tomasz Niewinski, Client Specialist in Thomson Reuters, Poland

“My BCi studies equipped me with the necessary tools to pursue a career in financial services - thanks to thorough knowledge about financial markets, investment instruments and corporate finance and, last but not least, provided me with a broad range of soft skills and the ability to cope with a heavy workload in challenging circumstances.”

Lenka Lauren, M&A Expert, Zumtobel Group, Austria


"Internationality and business relevance were the two most important criteria for the choice of my master studies- I found both and much more in the BCI program. I was provided with a firm base of business skills in my specialization (Accounting and Finance) and through interaction with a mix of different nationalities I could practice my intercultural competence on daily basis.Thus, when joining a big international company, I had the relevant skill set for this kind of working environment. The right combination of technical, analytical and practical know-how helped me to adjust in this environment quickly and supported me in progressing in my career."

Tomas Kozanek, Group Treasury Expert, Semperit AG Holding, Austria


“Universities of applied sciences are unlike regular universities, where lecturers may have never worked in the industry and often teach outdated theory. Most of my lecturers were simultaneously working in the financial sector and therefore knew best what was currently demanded in the market. My courses provided me with a great overview of the financial aspects of business, forced me to think critically and gave me confidence presenting my ideas in front of large groups of people and to speak out when I think something is incorrect. It also gave me experience working within international teams.

I can't think of any other place where you would be working on a project with a group of colleagues from Peru, the United States, the Czech Republic and India under the instruction of a teacher from the United Kingdom. One unique experience I had as a student was the opportunity to pitch a strategy to the CEO of a large company that was subsequently implemented by the corporation! The FH provided me and many others with a way to have fun while learning. I gained confidence in my abilities and above all made a lot of friendships that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Were I to recommence studying, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to go back to the FH.”

Sebastian Posch, Corporate Solutions / Group Transaction Banking Sales, Erste Group Bank AG, Austria


"I always had the ambition to work for an internationally operating company, preferably a bank. Thanks to the flexible time schedule of BCi I was able to start working part-time at Erste Group during my Master’s. Right after I finished my studies, I joined Erste Group full-time in a newly created department, called Corporate Solutions, where my focus is on analyzing financials statements in order to identify potentials in Working Capital Management. Moreover, I have the chance to present my ideas and solutions to various large corporate clients in Austria and CEE.  BCi helped me, for instance, to improve my English to a level where I can comfortably deal with international clients.

The study provides a broad overview of various business relevant topics like accounting, finance, consultancy, quantitative methods, law and economics. These skills meet the requirements of many job profiles and hence give graduates very good job prospects. I am still regularly in touch with some of my fellow students who now work in different companies in accounting, treasury, purchasing and marketing departments. Getting to know people with different cultural backgrounds is definitely an asset in today’s globally integrated business world and it is simply great to have friends in several countries."

Begimai Tchoroeva, Energy Market Analyst, Independent Energy Consulting Company, Austria


"I have completed both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt, and believe that BCI programme shaped me not only professionally but also personally. The curriculum of the MBCI was really exciting and challenging at the same time. Apart from gaining extensive knowledge, the studies helped me enhance my critical thinking, analytical and presentation skills via various case studies, individual/group projects, presentations and class discussions. On the personal side, I enjoyed the very open-minded interaction with the study colleagues and professors. Overall, this has been a fantastic experience."

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