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03 April 2019

Smart Cities - Between Social Needs and Technology

When?        April 3 | 5.00 p.m.
Where?WN Campus | Study Room

Josephine Ioana Karner

IoT Presales Manager, T-Systems Austria

Digitalization and sustainability are two of the most powerful mega-trends that are fundamentally transforming business and society. While each has spawned vast discussions, the intersection of the two trends remains largely unexplored territory.

The digitalization-sustainability convergence offers both opportunities and challenges for business and society. Digital technologies and artificial intelligence can help organizations map their environmental footprint and increase resource efficiency. They also have the potential to support innovations, circular design as well as more sustainable production and consumption practices. At the same time, digitalization brings new ecological and social challenges. So, how and under which conditions can digitalization contribute to the sustainable transformation of society and the economy?

“Talking Digital” is an annual open lecture series hosted by the Faculty of Business at the UAS Wiener Neustadt. It invites renowned experts and creative thinkers from industry, research, and consultancy to share their perspectives on how digitalisation will shape the society of the future.

To register, please visit: www.fhwn.ac.at/talkingdigital

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