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Top Result at the Turku Sales Competition for BCi

The traditional “Turku Sales Competition” took place at the AMK University of Applied Sciences in November. This event is a great opportunity for students to train and develop their personal selling skills in a real life situation. 19 students from seven different countries participated in this international competition.

The FH Wiener Neustadt was represented by Sophie Kopf, Sarah Lembacher, Lily Ding and Isidora Mladenovic from the 5th semester of the “Business Consultancy International” Bachelor programme and by Felix Neidhart from the 5th semester of the Bachelor programme “Wirtschaftsberatung”. All participants from the FH Wiener Neustadt were competing very successfully with Sophie Kopf winning the 2nd place! Congratulations to Sophie from the entire BCi team!


Graduation Ceremonies 2015: Year Groups B_BCi12 and M_BCi13

BCi’s graduation ceremony for the bachelor year group B_BCi12 and the master year group M_BCi13 took place on the FH campus on Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

Congratulations to all graduates!


Bachelor year group B_BCi 12


 Master year group M_BCi13


L‘Oréal Brandstorm National Finals 2015

On May 13th, the National Finals of the L’Oreal Brandstorm competition took place at a rooftop venue in Vienna. Our MBCi team, the SISI Sisters, consisted of Rebeka Bejczi, Trixie Ann Garcia, Dominique Madeleine Jung. They were chosen to represent the FHWN, and made it into the top six universities in Austria to compete in the finals.

The task this year was to consider the Lancome brand in travel retail, and come up with an innovative idea to differentiate the Lancome experience. 

Our team had an innovative approach, great communication strategy, and overall did a great job. The judges decision to decide who would be going to Paris to represent all of Austria was hugely difficult, hence the long deliberation process.  Although the SISI Sisters did not win, they  came in the top 3 and we are very proud of them

Well done to the SISI Sisters!


Generation Selfie - Is your destiny set, or can you still choose a direction?

On May 21st an inspiring open lecture about opportunities and choices in life was given at the FH Wiener Neustadt by Dr. Hans Reinisch, who has more than a 20 year track record in worldwide CEO positions in Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, and the U.S. for Fortune 500 enterprises. Dr. Reinisch shared his influential success story and broad experiences with the students, with the aim of leading them to form new perspectives for their future.

What is it that makes you special? What are you strengths and weaknesses? Hans Reinisch emphasized the value of self-knowledge and its influence on making the right decisions and choices. “Mistakes are here to be made, you have to make mistakes in order to learn”. Taking the risk, stepping out of the comfort zone, and keeping up with the continuous changes in the cycle of life were among the topics which were discussed. The three major advises for the participants were “respect yourself”, “trust yourself”, and “have moral ethics for yourself”.

According to Dr. Reinisch, two areas of future job opportunities will be in event management and philanthropy as both of these areas are becoming increasingly important.


BCi Capstone Consulting Project

In the final semester of the Master’s programme students take part in a Capstone course, referring to the final project students complete, drawing together all the theory and disciplines learned to date in a real life environment. Students are divided into interdisciplinary groups and work as consultancy teams for clients.

At the end of the project period students present their results in front of the clients as well as a professional jury. The best consulting team is awarded and their names are engraved on the Capstone plaque.

This year the winner was the group of four students working as a consultancy team for PAS: Alexandra Dedic, Greta Goczan, David Kratky & Jasminko Pintaric. PAS is a company operating in the area of precision farming in terms of autonomous systems for vehicles.

Well done to all of the groups!

Study Trip 2015: Master Students Explored London and Stockholm!

For the seventh time, Master students from the BCi programme went on a study trip with the university for one week. The study trip is mandatory in order to complete the Masters's degree. This year the destinations were either London or Stockholm. Students had the chance to visit international organizations as well as multinational, renowned companies and get to know them like never before. The valuable opportunity of talking to employees about their business and experiences was highly appreciated. Of course, there was also the benefit of visiting the destinations themselves.

London: From March 23 to 26, 2015, a group of 14 students of the two master programs Business Consultancy International (MBCi) and Wirtschaftsberatung & Unternehmensführung (MWU – specialization “European Finance and Risk Management”) had the possibility to visit 10 different companies in London – organized by Mag. Streitz (Finance) and Mag. Reiterer (Marketing). Some highlights were CNBC, EBRD, EBA, Mediacom, Plasser UK, Voest Alpine Stahl and the Austrian Embassy. The purpose was for students to visit institutions and learn about how business works in different parts of the world. Presentations were always followed by lively discussions and good networking-possibilities. 

Here you can view pictures of the study trip to London.

Stockholm: This March, a group of MBCi students had the chance to visit beautiful Stockholm as a part of their study trip. During their stay, they had meetings with ten companies, including Ericsson, KPMG, NASDAQ, and Ipsos, which provided them with very valuable insights. Highly interactive meetings, presentations and discussions helped them to extend their vision, and get a better understanding of the business practices in Sweden.

Students witnessed the highly innovative culture of the country during the time they spent in Ericsson, which holds more than 35.000 patents in mobile communication. Also, it was fascinating to see the development of technology from the first telephone to the present state-of-the-art. One of the most interesting parts of the trip was visiting the Enköping plant of Wienerberger, the world's largest producer of bricks. Despite all the dust and noise, it was a memorable experience to see the production on-site, not to mention the amazing lunch that was served afterwards! Meeting with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm was one of the very interesting visits as well, since students seized the chance to learn different aspects of Swedish culture compared to other European countries, especially to Austria. Hearing the story of Happy Socks from the company’s CEO was another exciting experience in terms of seeing how a simple idea can turn out to be so cool and grow into a successful business.

Apart from the business meetings, it was also great to have the opportunity to explore this wonderful city and get to know the Nordic culture better. Sweden is a very developed country, and Swedes are very friendly and open-minded people. Although the weather was quite cold, it was still very pleasant to discover this wonderful place.

Here you can view pictures of the study trip to Stockholm.

First 'BCi Career Day': students networking with business professionals

„Which career path could be suitable for me?“ is a very common question of students who are studying in a Bachelor or Master degree programme at the FHWN. The BCi Career Day helped them answer this question with the chance not only to listen to leading professionals but also to personally meet and talk to managers of a variety of business fields covering:

International Accounting and FinanceInternational Marketing and SalesInternational HR and Management
Mag. Thomas Bichler, RaiffeisenSabine Kwasny, MA, MarsRichard Olea, BA, Nestlé
Cornelia Kirschner, MA, Constantia Patz GmbHMichael Baumgartner, MA, Procter & GambleMag. Lukas Mittermüller, 5P Consultancy Group
Lukas Stummer, MA, Schiedel GmbHJasmine Kotek, MA, MicrosoftMag. Johanna Wiener, Henkel
Bettina Müller, MA, KPMG Vienna

Dr. Christof Ley, Schwabe, Ley & Greiner

On 19 March 2015 these experts came to the FHWN and presented what their jobs are like, they talked about the core hard and soft skills required to succeed in their respective fields of expertise and they explained what makes them so passionate about their careers.


Jasmine Kotek, MA (Microsoft)


Richard Olea, BA (Nestlé)


Sabine Kwasny, MA (Mars), Cornelia Kirschner, MA (Constantia Patz), Michael Baumgartner, MA (P&G) and Lukas Stummer, MA (Schiedel)


Students networking with guest speakers

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