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Graduation Ceremonies 2013: Year Groups B_BCi10 and M_BCi11

The Graduation Ceremony for the bachelor year group B_BCi10 and the master year group M_BCi11 took place on the FH campus on Friday, July 5, 2013. Warmest congratulations to all graduates!

Here you can take a look at some pictures of the ceremony on July 5, 2013.


BCi-Team Winning Austrian Finals in L'Oréal Brandstorm Challenge 2013

Over 8,200 players, 47 teams, 9 campuses took part in the L’Oréal Brandstorm challenge in 2013. But only 6 teams qualified for the Austrian finals in April 2013. The main teams were:  FHWN, MBCi_11;  FHWN Wieselburg;  WU Wien;  FH Krems;  FH Wien and  FH Joanneum.

The winning team, and thus the team representing Austria during the International L’Oréal Brandstorm in Paris in summer, was FHWN! Three Business Consultancy International Master’s students from the year group MBCi 2011: Angelika Grafeneder (Austria), Ema Jankovic (Bosnia), Iva Kolanovic (Croatia) are going as team ‘Fantasy Insights’ and their product 'Satin Pearl Finish' to Paris in summer! Their Satin Pearl Finish product idea was chosen as the best in Austria, it consists of oil hair pearls and a brush with which you can directly apply the light weight oil to the hair. Their innovative approach to the new product development won the jury! We congratulate our students and keep our fingers crossed so that they will come back with the International trophy!


MBCi Consultancy Projects 2013: Real Companies – Real Students – Real Change

A unique aspect of the Business Consultancy International degree programme is the ‘hand-on’ experience students get in consultancy within the Master’s programme.  The final milestone before graduation is for students to complete a real consultancy project (Capstone project) offering consultancy services to a client. 

On May 23, 10 student groups from the MBCi programme presented their final consultancy projects to their companies, and one winner was chosen based on the ‘best’ consultancy project.

This year the companies ranged from new start-ups with one employee, to medium sized Austrian companies, and even large international concerns. Accent, a Niederösterreich based seed funding company was very supportive in providing some of the companies. The breadth of sectors covered was also diverse, from healthcare, sports, electrical, art, technological and automotive sectors. Students delivered a variety of consultancy services from business planning, financial modeling, marketing research, market entry strategy, and marketing and sales planning.

It is rare that student projects result in real change within companies, but that is exactly what this group of Capstone projects achieved.  The clients were very pleased with the results and many said that the ideas and proposals would be implemented in the short-term -  a highly rewarding result!

After much deliberation, the jury finally decided that the team B. Braun - with Eva Gabriel, David Prainer and Dóra-Édua Szabó - was the winner.  B. Braun was there to present the students with their certificates and the winners plaque.  Well done to all MBCi participating students and THANK YOU to all the companies involved and ACCENT for their support.

Here you can view pictures of the presentations to the companies.

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