Content of Teaching


1st Semester

Cash and Liquidity Management

                Role and organisation of bank treasury vs. corporate treasury

                Treasury policies, procedures and technology

                Payment systems

                Cash and liquidity management

                Short term investments and borrowings

Equity Analysis

                Equity market organisation and functioning

                Commonly used equity valuation methods

                Financial statement analysis and ratios

                Application to real-life examples or case studies

Money and Foreign Exchange Markets

                Money markets and instruments

                Interest rates

                FX market

                Hedging and risk management strategies

Advanced Data Analysis and Spreadsheet Modelling

                Reference and conditional functions in Excel

                Pivot tables

                Statistical analysis using Analysis ToolPack

                Automation with VBA Macros

Quantitative Methods

                Research process, sampling, and descriptive statistics

                Probability distributions and hypothesis testing

                Analysis of variance

                Linear regression

                Data analysis with R: applications and case studies

2nd Semester

Advanced Corporate Finance

                Corporate investment policy and capital budgeting

                Capital structure and dividend policy

                Financial distress, restructuring and information asymmetry

                Corporate governance

                Mergers, acquisitions and external financing strategy

                Risk management of multinational operations

International Financial Reporting Standards

                Conceptual framework of IFRS

                Components of IFRS financial statements

                Recognition and valuation of income, assets, equity and liabilities

Fixed Income Analysis

                Fixed income markets and characteristics of fixed income securities

                Fixed income valuation

                Analysis of fixed income risk and return

                Credit analysis

                Fixed income derivatives

Financial Derivatives

                Characteristics of futures, options, and swaps

                Markets for derivative securities

                Valuation of derivative securities

                Trading strategies

Financial Econometrics

                Univariate time series modelling and forecasting

                Modelling volatility

                Limited dependent variable models

                Simulation techniques

                Factor analysis

3rd Semester

Risk Management

                Corporate and bank risk management

                Risk framework and categories

                Risk policy

                Identification and measurement of risk

                Risk management techniques and tools

Special Accounting and Tax Issues for Treasury

                Recognition and measurement of financial instruments according to the current IFRS standards

                Hedge accounting (IFRS 9)

                Principles of national and international taxation

                Group taxation, double taxation and OECD Model Treaty

                Income tax, corporate income tax, withholding tax and VAT

Financial Planning and Modelling

                Financial statement modelling

                Standard and alternative financial ratios

                Risk analysis

                Sensitivity and scenario analysis

                Presentation dashboard

Regulation of Financial Markets and Institutions

                Financial regulatory and supervisory institutions

                Current relevant regulation of financial markets and securities

                Banking supervision and international bank regulation

Investment and Portfolio Management

                Performance of asset classes and evaluation metrics

                Portfolio theory, management and techniques

                Asset pricing models

                Behavioural finance and technical analysis

                Portfolio evaluation, monitoring and rebalancing

4th Semester

Alternative Investments

                Alternative investments' characteristics and classes

                Real estate, private equity, hedge funds and commodities

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