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The interaction of technology and business takes place primarily in sales. The professional interaction with industrial customers and the successful marketing of complex products and services and products requiring intensive explanatory support are, at a technology location such as Austria, of continual and ever increasing importance. An increasing demand for technical sales persons on the job market has been observed. Sales of products and services in all technically oriented branches set great challenges to many enterprises, only by the continual marketing of technical services is it possible for an enterprise to develop and ensure survival in a competitive environment.

Technical Sales Managers develop individual solutions to customer objectives, construct concrete sales strategies and access new markets. They distinguish themselves through technical, business and soft skills and convince customers by their empathically oriented approach to joint solution finding.

This extra-occupational, in block form, master study programme Technical Sales Management is oriented towards persons with previous business-engineering and/or technical knowledge, who work in sales and sales marketing of technical products and/or services, or who wish to qualify themselves further in this field. The emphasis of this programme lies in its practical application; knowledge acquired during studies can immediately be applied at the workplace.

As a graduate of this study programme you will be able to take over responsibility for the planning and leading of sales specific projects. You are able to develop and optimise sales organisations and processes and act as interface between enterprises, sales and customers. You have the competences to carry out sales and marketing controlling and to apply customer relationship management in an entrepreneurial and sales context. Altogether, you have at your disposal-supplementary to your technical know-how - competences in business management, legal matters and soft skills and are able to integrate these into your sales decisions. Within the framework of this study programme you will have not only improved your negotiation and customer interaction skills, but will have also trained your team and leadership qualities for your career in Technical Sales Management.

Graduates of the study programme “Technical Sales Management“will be employed in high ranking and integrative positions such as:

  • Sales Manager for Technical Products and/or Services
  • Key Account-Manager, Large-, Major- or Global-Account Manager
  • Customer advisor for Technical Products and/or Services
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Manager in the Technology-, Engineering- and Technical Services Area
  • Leadership of Sales,-Sales Force, - Branch-Office based staff and Marketing staff in Technology, Engineering and Technical Services 

The registered association „Sales Force #1“formed in 2001, acts as a network platform for students and alumni in Austrian Sales Planning and Sales. This platform is a solid forum for the exchange of experience and information of recent news, thoughts and knowledge. A symposium is held yearly.

*) This programme is in the process of accreditation. Subject to change on the part of the agency for quality assurance and accreditation Austria.

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