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Which entry requirements must be met for admission to the new Master Study Programme Technical Sales Manager??

Following entry requirements apply: 1) positive graduation from a bachelor or comparable study programme or superior study programme at a recognised educational institute to the amount of 180 ECTS. (If you are in the final phase of your bachelor studies, you may submit your current consolidated grade record) Positive proof of graduation is required at inscription. 2) Fluency in German. 3) Proof of basic technical knowledge (min. 30 ECTS or 20 SWS in technical disciplines in a bachelor study programme, HTL graduation (higher technical college), technical college or technical apprenticeship graduation or work experience of at least 3 years in a technical area or enterprise

How can I apply for the Technical Sales Management Master Study Programme?

Application is without exception Online under [Link] possible. Please upload the required documents completed in full and transmit to the stated deadline in Online-registration tool. Registration deadline for the winter semester 2017/18 is the 30th June 2017.

Are ONLY online applications accepted?

Yes. We can only accept fully completed applications which are transmitted during the application period. Shortly after sending in your application papers you will receive confirmation of receipt from the study programme administration. Please note that late applications after 30th June 2017 cannot be accepted.

I have missed the registration deadline. Is there still a possibility for me to apply?

No. In fairness to other applicants, we cannot accept late applications. The application deadline ends automatically with the end of the online registration system and late applications will not be accepted. Exceptions will also not be made upon individual request.

Must I have already completed my bachelor studies to be able to apply for the Master Study Programme Technical Sales Management?

No. If you are in the final phase of your bachelor studies and therefore do not yet have your certificate of graduation, you can still apply for a study place. Please upload your current consolidated grade record (Sammelzeugnis).

This consolidated grade record contains the itemised list of grades for all courses of your study programme to date. If you have not yet graduated from your studies at the time of application, then an itemised list of grades for all courses of your study programme with the exception of the last semester applies. If courses have been accredited, then the certificates upon which the accreditations are based must be attached.

Is technical knowledge a pre-requisite for this study programme?

Technical knowledge from a bachelor study programme or school, meaning graduation from a HTL (higher technical college), technical college or technical apprenticeship is of advantage. Technically interested persons are also invited to apply. Proof of work in a technical area or enterprise of at last 3 years is required to support previous technical knowledge or interest.


When and where do the interviews take place?

After viewing the submitted documents, applicants first in line are invited to an admission interview. The invitation will be sent per email from the study programme administration. Admission interviews will take place regularly and will be individually arranged. Final interviews will take place in the week from 7-11 July. The interviews will take place at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt in the department of “Marktkommunikation und Vertrieb”.


Is it possible to study for a semester abroad within this study programme framework?

There is no compulsory semester abroad within the framework of the Master Study Programme „Sales Management for Technical Products and Services“. However, student mobility is supported and encouraged through voluntary and made to measure initiatives.

Study mobility is encouraged and supported by the yearly “Best Seller Competition” which takes place at the Turku University of Applied Science in Finland. This competition at EU level (Erasmus Lifelong Learning Project 2014: European Sales Competition) is the only official European competition in Sales (including certificate) Students of our department regularly belong to the winners: 2013 1st place, 2012 1st place, 2011 3rd place, 2010 1st place. More to come!!

Students also have the chance to take part in the „Sales Exchange Programme“with the Northern Illinois University, USA. Together with Irish and American students, in a specially designed sales centre at NIU, behaviour oriented sales skills are acquired and strengthened in English.

Above all, complex solutions sales and sales to top decision makers in B2B enterprises are trained. A further element of this sales week is the “Shadow Day” when a top sales person from a B2B enterprise is accompanied for a day. This programme takes places once a year in May, duration: 10 days

Is there an obligatory semester abroad?

No. A semester abroad in the Master Study Programme Technical Sales Management is not compulsory. However, specific initiatives such as the “Best Seller Competition” in Finland or the “Sales Exchange Programme” in the USA allow students studying in this extra-occupational programme to gain compact foreign experience in Technical Sales Management. Participation in individual international work experience programmes is voluntary. Students receive certification of work abroad and/or supplementary qualifications (e.g. from the Turku University of Applied Science, Finland and/or Northern Illinois University, USA etc.) 

What is the language of instruction?

The main language of instruction is German. Approximately a quarter of the lectures are taught in English, e.g. specific sales trainings. English speaking international lecturers will enrich individual lectures with intercultural contents

How is this programme structured?

Individual modules are offered, divided mainly into the areas of Technical Sales Management, Soft Skills and General Business Management [Link zu Grafik]

How long is the average study period in the Technical Sales Management Master Study Programme?

This study programme takes 4 semesters. The close counselling relationship between lecturers and students ensures the observance of the regular study period

Where can I get precise information or individual counselling regarding this programme?  

All information concerning the “Technical Sales Management” Master Study Programme is available on the programme website [bitte direkt verlinken] .Here you will also find the online registration form [bitte direkt verlinken], by which you can register for this programme.

If you have any questions which the website does not answer, or if you require personal counselling, please feel free to contact us:

Questions to the programme:
Department of “Marketing & Sales“
Mag. (FH) Johannes Reiterer, BEd, M.A.
t: +43-(0)2622 890 84 412

Questions to registration:
Study Programme Administration

Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt für Wirtschaft und Technik GmbH

Infocenter P: +43(0)2622/89 084-0 F: +43(0)2622/89 084-99

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