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You are welcome to use the numerous works we provide you with in-house for your research. Furthermore, you have access to valuable online resources and tools.

The Online-Catalogue, short OPAC, is a publicly accessible library-catalogue. The OPAC provides you with various search-options for searching the entire body of media held in the library.

Databases are catalogues of scientific literature, listing journal articles, conference- and research-papers, reports, norms and similar pieces of literature. The library has licensed various electronic databases enabling electronic literature research. 

For students and employees of the University Of Applied Sciences only:

No password needed when using databases intra-campus. When outside, please use your Intranet Login.

External users will be provided with a limited WLAN-Voucher to use the databases with by the library.

By using the electronic journal-library both publicly available and by the library licensed scientific journals may be searched.

A traffic light-system ensures a quick overview about the accessibility of the full-texts.

The database-infosystem (DBIS) is a user service provided by libraries. DBIS is a valuable tool to search for literature in freely accessible and especially licensed (by the library) databases.

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