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Henriette Gupfinger

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Henriette Gupfinger


Interim-Leiterin Institute for Sustainability


Campus Wieselburg
Zeiselgraben 4
3250 Wieselburg
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Research Activities

  • biscuit4all

    The aim of the project is the development of a gender and diversity-sensitive framework model for interactive, digital solutions to promote climate-conscious behavior in different sustainability contexts. In the course of this, biscuit4all considers the 3 major climate-relevant contexts of energy use, mobility and nutrition.

  • bewusstkaufen 2021-2023

    Bewusstkaufen.at is an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection (BMK) and the first web portal for sustainable consumption in Austria. With around 300 sustainable labels in the database ("Label-Kompass"), around 50 guides, an interactive seasonal calendar and ongoing editorial contributions, interviews and blog posts by experts on sustainability topics, it offers consumers a comprehensive information platform and shows environmentally and climate-friendly action alternatives. The institut für sustainability is in charge of the label database.


    Establishing a sustainable energy and economic system and dealing with the opportunities and risks of digitization are among the greatest challenges facing our society. BSAIO aims to put these two aspects in relation to each other. The methods from the fields of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which are based on digitization, as well as increasingly powerful optimization algorithms, offer the possibility of operating systems in a more sustainable way and saving resources both in their planning and operation. To this end, all necessary knowledge is to be imparted and the methods are to be applied directly to practical tasks. At the same time, the targeted use of methods based on digitisation for responsible and sustainable use of resources should help to create best practice examples in this area.