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Erasmus+ Traineeship Abroad

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Perspectives through practice abroad

The European Commission supports traineeships abroad within Europe with EUR 460 to EUR 560 per month, depending on the host country.

A full-time internship must last a minimum of two months (maximum 12 months) and must be confirmed by the head of the study programme as a useful supplement to the study programme.

Any company, training and research institution or other organisation within the Erasmus+ programme countries may act as host institution, with the exception of institutions of the European Union and the like.

Your Options

  • Compulsory traineeship: The professional internship is an integral part of the studies and is recognised in the certificate (ECTS).
  • Voluntary traineeship: The internship is primarily completed during the period when no lessons are held and is recognised in the Diploma Supplement.
  • Traineeship for recent graduates: The internship must be completed within 12 months of graduation; applications must be submitted during the course of study. Simultaneous enrollment at a university is not possible during the internship.
  • All students pursuing a degree leading to an academic degree are eligible to participate. Non-regular students from continuing education courses are only admitted if those courses lead to a Master's degree.
  • Excluded are stays in the country in which students usually reside. Mobility to the country of origin is possible in principle, but has the lowest priority.
  • Special grants for students with disabilities, chronic diseases and other disadvantages as well as for students with children are possible.

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