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Erasmus+ Traineeship Abroad

EN Funded by the EU PANTONE

Perspectives through practice abroad

The European Commission supports internships abroad within Europe with EUR 570 to 670 per month depending on the host country.

A full-time internship must last at least two months (maximum 12 months) and must be confirmed by the program director as a meaningful addition to the studies.

Any company or training and research institution or other organization within the Erasmus+ program countries can act as a host institution, with the exception of European Union institutions and the like. The International Office does not award internship positions, but information on institutions advertising internships is shared regularly on Moodle and through our newsletter.

Your options

  • Compulsory internship: The internship is an integral part of the study program and is recognized in the transcript of records (ects).
  • Voluntary internship: The internship is primarily completed during non-class time and recognition is given in the Diploma Supplement.
  • Graduate Internship: The internship must be completed within 12 months after graduation. You have to apply for a graduate internship while you still study and minimum 2 months before your final exam! Concurrent enrollment at a university is not possible during the internship.
  • All students pursuing a course of study leading to an academic degree are eligible to participate. Non-degree students from courses leading to continuing education are eligible only if the courses lead to a master's degree.
  • Stays in the country in which students usually reside are excluded. Mobility to the country of origin is possible in principle, but has the lowest priority.
  • Special grants for students with disabilities, chronic diseases and other disadvantages as well as for students with children are possible.

Application procedure

  • You will find an internship position on your own initiative.
  • In case of compulsory internships, contact your contact person in the study program and clarify the requirements.
  • You fill out an application for the Erasmus+ grant and submit the application, signed by you and the head of the study program, to the International Office.
  • The complete application must be sent to the International Office at least 2 months before the start of the internship (e.g. by the end of June for a start in August). In case of a graduate traineeship, you must apply at least 2 months before your final exam.
  • After the Erasmus+ grant application has been submitted, the budget availability will be checked and only then assurance can be given regarding the receipt of the Erasmus+ grant and the exact amount of the grant.
  • If the grant is awarded, an Erasmus+ Learning Agreement must be completed, signed by the company, the program director and you, and submitted to the International Office, including insurance certificates

Further information

On Moodle you will find required documents for your internship as well as recordings of info sessions. Please arrange a meeting with the Erasmus+ Internship Coordinator in the International Office in order to check your eligibility in advance.

Further information