L'Oréal Brandstrom Challenge 2020

08. May 2020

BCi students competing in the Austrian Brandstorm National Finals

Loreal Brandstorm Challenge 2020

L’Oréal held its first ever virtual Brandstorm Competition in the form of a Hackathon on May 7-8, with two BCi teams making it to the national finals. In an intense 2-day Hackathon, the teams had to come up with a sustainable strategy to ‘Build a plastic-less future in the beauty industry’. We are incredibly proud of both teams for all their hard work and efforts.

Team Green Snow: Gregory, Julia, Carolina

Team Antiplastics: Noemi, Anna, Lena

They did a great job at representing the FHWN! Well done!

"The L’Oréal brandstorm competition was an incredible opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from our business classes. It also allowed us to get a holistic view of our studies and how each subject relates to a real-life business challenge." (Team Green Snow)

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