Study Insights: Moritz Elser

15. Feb 2021

How MBCi Treasury & Investment programme helped me to experience the world, broaden my horizons and pursue a career in finance

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My Journey to Treasury Consultancy

A year ago, I landed a job as a treasury consultant at Schwabe, Ley & Greiner, a leading treasury consultancy firm in the DACH region. However, my professional journey to the world of treasury and investment analysis started much earlier. During my bachelor’s, I did an exchange semester in China that fostered my desire to take part in an international and intercultural master’s programme which would combine my interest in finance. I found the study programme “Business Consultancy International” at FH Wiener Neustadt, with its specialization in Treasury and Investment, exactly what I was looking for and more.

My cohort was composed of students from cultures all over the globe, and we quickly grew into a small family. From day one, our courses were truly hands-on, focusing on practical application of subject matters, rather than pure theory and rote memorization.

In the third and fourth semesters, the most challenging project of my life awaited me. Together with a team of smart and highly motivated colleagues, I participated in the CFA research challenge. The task was to conduct an equity analysis of a listed company and to write an equity research report, competing against the best students from other Austrian universities. In the end, months of hard work paid off when we won the Austrian finals. This opened the door to the EMEA finals in Zurich where we competed with university teams from over 40 countries.

To deepen my international and intercultural experience, I gladly took the opportunity FH Wiener Neustadt offers its students to go on exchange during the last semester of studies. I moved to Bangkok, Thailand to spend 6 months studying and living in a completely different environment. That semester was not only a highlight of my master’s studies but one of the best times of my life, truly an intercultural experience that widened my personal and intellectual horizons.

All of these experiences led me to where I am today - working in a well-known consultancy firm, advising some of the biggest companies in the DACH region in treasury matters. Looking back, I am grateful to FH Wiener Neustadt and the Treasury and Investment programme for helping me to pursue my career in the treasury sector and to all of my colleagues for the wonderful experiences we had together. I did not only gain a lot of professional knowledge at FH Wiener Neustadt but also made memories, and most importantly, friends for life.

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