Entrepreneurship und Innovation

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Innovation is regarded as the key to economic growth, with the entrepreneur playing a prominent role in modern economics. The aim of the research is to contribute a better understanding of the emergence and development of new firms (entrepreneurship). This can apply to both young start-ups and established firms.

The following questions are dealt with in particular: What implications does the digital transformation of markets have for traditional service companies? Which business model innovations are made possible in different industries through enabling/disruptive technologies? How do digital technologies change internal and cross-company innovation processes? How are digitalisation and Industry 4.0 changing the process of founding start-ups?

An example of entrepreneurship & innovation is the research area digital business models. Digital transformation poses new challenges for companies but offers them opportunities to leverage unused potential. The digital business models research area aims at investigating the influence of digital technologies on the elements and levels of business models of firms in several industries. In addition to the transformation of existing business models for a digital future, the disruptive character of digitalisation within products, firms and industries will be investigated. This research will focus on integrating external actors into the innovation process.

Research Activities

  • Bewusst kaufen - Konsumenteninformationsportal

    Objective of the project is the collection of current data and facts for consumer advisers which have been published at www.bewusstkaufen.at the last years. The data base will be defined together with tatwort. Furthermore, new labels are entered in the label database and a new sustainable purchasing guide will be worked out.

    Project Partners

    • tatwort Nachhaltige Projekte


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