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New Threats

With the rapid development of technical devices and new forms of communication, new dangers for safety in Austria and the world have also arisen. Online crime, hacking and phishing are now widely used terms. Lesser-known phenomena such as the protection of critical infrastructure also pose new challenges for the Austrian police. The Faculty of Security conducts research in all these areas and offers its own further training course in the field of cybercrime in order to be able to directly transfer the latest findings into police practice.

Cybercrime is a term for a broad spectrum of crimes committed using information and communication technology. This also includes hardware attacks. The Faculty of Security investigates phenomena such as cyberbullying and cybergrooming, and also deals with the use of cryptocurrency, e.g. Bitcoins, for crimes.

The protection of critical infrastructure refers to systems that are essential for maintaining important societal functions and whose disruption would have a significant impact. In the digital age, energy and electricity guarantee the existence of civilisation as we know it today. The Faculty of Security investigates the effects of black-out scenarios and various prevention strategies.


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