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Robotics is one of the major topics of the future that will change many areas of life and create value in the long term. This raises various new questions that have to be addressed through intensive research and development work.

Current issues in the field of robotics concern human-robot collaboration, the use of sensors and actuators in flexible automation technology (read: Industry 4.0), the simulation, optimized control and visualization of robot systems as well as methods for the orientation and navigation of mobile robots. These topics, and many others, are directly incorporated into the bachelor's programme in Robotics as part of research-led academics in the two specialisations “Industrial Robotics” and “Mobile Robotics”. The involvement of both lecturers and students in current R&D projects ensures the application-oriented transfer of knowledge on current research issues.

There is a network of cooperation and strategic alliances with partners in national and international research institutions, universities and industrial companies.

In addition to the general technical laboratories, a currently under construction robotics lab, will carry out R&D projects.

Infrastructure that is available or still to be procured:

  • Various industrial robots
  • Collaborative robots
  • Diverse mobile robot platforms
  • Diverse software tools for programming, simulation, optimization and visualization

Research Activities

  • PlugBot

    The aim of this FFG-funded project is to implement a modular robot construction kit system that can be used by experts during programming and by non-specially trained personnel during operation. In order to demonstrate the universal applicability, the project results will be demonstrated in several very different application-oriented scenarios.


Nemecek, Alexander/Sinnabel, Johannes/Hochrainer, Markus (2019): Gesten-gesteuerte Virtualisierung eines 6-Achs Roboters in Echtzeit.
Alexander Nemecek, Johann Sinnabell, Markus Hochrainer (2018): Gesten-gesteuerte Virtualisierung eines 6-Achs Roboters in Echtzeit.


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