Technologischer Wandel

Technological Change

Technical innovations and further developments are also changing the technology used in police work. The focus in this area is on possibilities for crime prevention and improvements in educational work. The Faculty of Security supports research in this area on the following topics:

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) are new possibilities to obtain information from open and freely available sources as well as from social networks. Through the analysis of many different types of information, an attempt is made to gain usable insights for the police.

In the area of data science, interdisciplinary work is being carried out to obtain patterns and findings from large amounts of data. The focus is on methods such as machine learning and forecasting in order to develop recommendations for action for everyday police work and special operations.

Biometric procedures play a central role in modern investigative work and contribute significantly to higher reconnaissance rates. In addition to classical characteristics such as fingerprints and DANN-tests, the main focus of research is on methods for facial geometry.


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