Our market-oriented and innovative training offers graduates a wide range of opportunities in the areas of market communication, brand management, sales management and marketing analytics.


Practice-oriented education through collaborative projects

The goal of our courses is for students to take theoretical marketing and sales models and methods and apply them in collaborative projects with partner firms and organisations. We offer this opportunity in particular to students who have decided on a specialisation, which the institute organises, at bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. Collaborative projects form an essential part of our teaching and learning concept.

Examples of collaborative partners:

  • In market communication and brand management: Henkel, L’Oreal, Coca Cola and Austrian Airlines
  • In customer relationship management: Hilti, Wie.bitter, Garnier, XXL Sports, Car2Go, Vichy, McDonalds, Technopol and Weltbild
  • In sales management: Constantia Flexibles, Hirtenberger and LKW Walter

Innovative teaching concepts

Innovative didactic elements, which enable students to acquire a flexible and versatile range of skills, are at the centre of each course concept.

This includes targeted use of long-distance teaching elements as a basis for discussions and group work in teaching units at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt. We produce educational videos using the latest recording and editing programmes.

In addition, we are accelerating our expansion of innovative online business simulations in marketing and sales. They offer students an opportunity to reflect on the impact their decisions have made and to gather practical knowledge.

Use of state-of-the-art technology in teaching and research

The use of new technology is becoming increasingly important, especially in marketing and sales. A current priority in the design of our teaching and research is to use instrument-based techniques in our science lab, which will become operational when the new City Campus opens.

We already use instrument-based technology in our teaching. Our equipment includes a stationary and a mobile eye-tracking system, which can be used, for example, to test a website’s usability.

The institute developed the first European sales lab in Wieselburg. We use it to conduct and analyse behaviour-oriented training in state-of-the-art conditions.


EU project “South-East Asian Sales Competition”

A new EU project, called the South-East Asian Sales Competition (SEASAC), began in December 2018. Building on the European Sales Competition’s successful format, a similar sales competition is being developed for students in the Southeast Asian region. The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, and in particular its Department of Marketing & Sales, is the only Austrian university to be involved in developing the project and is playing a leading role in designing the new format. Over the next three years, Southeast Asian students will benefit from European know-how and examples of best practice, and in return, Southeast Asian sales culture will be passed on to European students – a win-win situation for all involved.

The first South-East Asian Sales Competition will take place in 2021 when the project is completed.

The European Sales Competition, an EU project

The European Sales Competition is an annual sales competition for students from all over Europe, which was founded in collaboration with four European universities in Finland, Belgium and Austria as part of an EU Lifelong Learning project. The aim of the project is to improve European university graduates’ sales skills.
Working packages: production of sales training manuals and quality reports

Departmental project "Productivity and Benchmarks in Sales"

This long-term study is intended to show possibilities for increasing productivity in sales.

Reference projects

Project: a social media concept for the Association of Thermal Spa Communities in the Bucklige Welt Adventure Region
Programme: Bachelor’s degree in Business Consultancy
Course: Marketing & sales project

Project: concept development for a learning and innovation park between the new FHWN City Campus and the business colleges and schools BHAK/BHAS in Wiener Neustadt
Programme: Bachelor’s degree in Business Consultancy, and students from BHAK/BHAS
Course: Marketing & sales project

Project: B2B communication strategy for Austrian Airlines’ new "Premium Economy Class"
Programme: Business Consultancy & Leadership
Course: B2B communication tools

Project: creation of a value-based sales strategy for a complex technical product belonging to B. Braun
Programme: Master’s in Sales Management for Technical Products & Services
Course: Sales training 3

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