Functional cooperation between marketing and sales is the key to convincing and winning customers and to retaining them in the long term. Thus, it contributes significantly to the success of a company.

We at the Institute for Marketing & Sales are dedicated to both marketing and sales:

By applying marketing analytics, we transform market and customer figures into valuable knowledge about international market activity. This enables us to deepen our understanding of consumers and their customer journeys and consequently to construct sound marketing strategies.

Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive understanding of how to establish structures and processes in the sales department of a company. We share our know-how regarding sales talk and the psychosocial behaviour of the participants in such exchanges.


Practical training in cooperation projects

The courses’ aim is to implement theoretical models and methods learned in the field of marketing and sales in cooperation projects with partner companies and partner organisations. Cooperation projects and current tasks from the world of business form an essential part of our teaching and learning concept.

Our cooperation partners


Innovative teaching concepts

Innovative didactic elements are at the centre of the various course concepts, enabling students to acquire competences in a flexible and versatile way.

We use long-distance teaching elements, instructional videos and podcasts in our courses. Through innovative online business simulations, students are also given the opportunity to reflect on the effects of decisions made and strengthen practical knowledge.

State-of-the-art technology in teaching & research

The use of new technologies is becoming increasingly important in all areas of marketing and sales. As an institute we use the Science Lab at the City Campus, - with its state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure - for teaching and research.

Eye-tracking studies and focus groups are run regularly. Emphasis is also placed on the use of instrument-based techniques in the Science Lab.

Eye-Tracking Video


EU Project „South-East Asian Sales Competition”
In December 2018, the EU project "South-East Asian Sales Competition" - SEASAC for short - was launched. Building on the successful format of the European Sales Competition, a comparable sales competition for students was developed for the Southeast Asian region. The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt - in particular the Institute for Marketing & Sales - is the only Austrian university involved in the development of the project and has played a decisive role in shaping the new format. During the next three years, Southeast Asian students will benefit from the know-how and numerous best-practice examples from Europe. In return, Southeast Asian sales culture will be revealed to European students - a win-win situation for all involved.

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EU Project „European Sales Competition“
The European Sales Competition is an annual sales competition for students from all over Europe, and was founded in cooperation with four European universities in Finland, Belgium and Austria, as part of an EU life-long learning project. The project’s aim is to improve the sales skills of European university graduates.

More information: European Sales Competition

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Compedition 1

Fostering Carbon-Friendly Diets

A reduction of meat consumption and shift to plant-based diets have been identified as crucial for reaching climate targets. While consumer research has distilled a range of factors driving meat consumption, insights into the effectiveness of (policy) interventions are still scarce. This project systematically reviews academic literature for evidence of effective intervention measures to reduce meat consumption.

Institute project "Productivity and Benchmarks in Sales"

The long-term study is intended to show options for increasing productivity in sales.

Head of Institute

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