Aerospace Engineering | Master

Aerospace Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt offers a unique and valuable blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience – exactly the kind of education and background the industry needs.

Aerospace Engineering is the innovation lab for the entire engineering field. Technology developed for aerospace applications is often implemented in our daily lives on earth and thus enhances our lives.

Aerospace Engineers are very much sought after as their education always includes the most advanced methods and technologies. Potential employers are generally the aviation, space and automotive branches, R&D institutions and many other industries.

With its international focus, the Aerospace Engineering programme must transfer knowledge and work in the language of international engineers.

CubeSats, such as the former mission PEGASUS (in orbit since 2017) or the new mission CLIMB, sounding rockets, the unmanned Aerial Vehicle TROGON and many others.

Due to the structure of classes and hands-on projects which students are required to complete, the programme is structured as full-time only.

Lightweight engineering, material sciences, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and propulsion technology are just a few of the pillars of the outstanding education in Aerospace Engineering.