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Mission Statement

We set benchmarks and train sought-after individuals!

Our Vision

We create perspectives for students, employers and employees by orienting our teaching, research and networks in a rigorously practical way and by offering a broad range of courses.

We train sought-after individuals who enthusiastically participate in shaping the future, already during their studies.

Our ten mission statements express how we understand the role and duties of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt.

Mission Statements

We teach our students the skills that will make them sought-after individuals on the job market. We achieve this through highly qualified lecturers, innovative teaching methods and instruction that is oriented to the demands of the real world.

A sound basic education gives our students a holistic understanding of their professional fields, specialisations make them experts in their subjects, and our focus on leadership will be of interest to individuals with leadership skills.

We also feel that it is important to personally demonstrate and instill in our students values such as reliability, individual responsibility and mutual respect.

We enable our students to help shape business practice and to establish promising relationships already during their studies.

We think that it is especially important for them to work on projects independently right from the beginning. This means that our graduates can take on tasks immediately in the working world. Orientation towards solutions and practice is an important aspect of qualitative teaching and research.

Our students learn innovative thinking, critical questioning & responsible action. This will enable them to actively develop markets and professional fields and to face future challenges flexibly.

All of our study programmes and curricula are aligned with forward-looking job profiles and, thereby, open attractive career prospects for our students.

Studying at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt requires a high level of commitment. Those who have successfully completed their studies can be proud of themselves. We see our graduates with diverse careers and professional backgrounds as an enrichment to our university.

We create conditions in which our students can develop in the best possible way and in which they will enjoy their studies. We encourage our top students to strive for excellence through special incentives. We expect and encourage our employees to continuously grow, thereby expanding their professional opportunities.

We facilitate lifelong learning through a variety of offers and organisational forms that support extra-occupational learning (e.g. long-distance or blended learning). We would like to use these methods to also reach target groups that are insufficiently supported by traditional forms of study and to give them the opportunity to receive a high-quality education.

Our broad range of courses at several locations offers both students and employees the opportunity for interdisciplinary co-operation in teaching and research. This network creates new perspectives for our stakeholders and generates sustainable added value.

Research-based teaching and the integration of research projects into the curriculum is a central component of our practical orientation. Our applied research is useful for our business clients and can be implemented directly.

We create, develop and maintain networks that lead to opportunities for our students, alumni and employees, as well as for people and organisations in business and academia. In this way we support long-term and emotional connections to our University of Applied Sciences.

Partnerships with foreign universities and international co-operations contribute to the quality of our teaching and research.

The acquisition of international expertise is embedded in our curriculum and also takes place informally through our mix of national and international students.

In our region, we are the centre of expertise for education and research and one of the most attractive employers. We regard the transfer of knowledge, especially to regional SMEs, as an important task. We are an educational partner for broad target groups. In so doing, we focus on topics of social relevance and use modern methods and techniques in our teaching and research.