At the Institute for Sustainability, we address sustainability questions in an integrative and comprehensive manner. How are consumption practices changing in a circular economy? How can organizations incorporate sustainability on a strategic and at an operative level? How can a sustainable transformation of energy systems be achieved? We address these topics in our teaching as well as making them part of our cooperation and research projects.

The activities of the institute are currently grouped into five competence areas:

  • Energy Transition
  • Sustainable Consumption
  • Green Marketing
  • Transformative Economies & Governance
  • Sustainability Management

Our key strength is the diversity of disciplines present within our institute. This reinforces a comprehensive understanding of sustainability.

The Institute for Sustainability was founded in September 2021. Until then, many of its activities were part of the three departments Sustainability & CSR Management, Green Marketing, and Sustainable Energy Systems & Bio-Economy. The institute is part of the Faculty of Business at the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Wiener Neustadt.


In our teaching, we focus on theoretical foundations as well as practical applications. Our teaching reflects the latest state of scientific knowledge, and is strongly research-led and project-based. To that end, we rely on a broad and flourishing network of cooperation partners and external lecturers.


Here you can get an insight into our current research projects:



Das anwendungsorientierte Forschungsvorhaben NETSE (Nutzerorientierte Entwicklung von Technologien & Services für Energiegemeinschaften) trägt weiter zur Stärkung des Standorts Wieselburg als Kompetenzzentrum für nachhaltige und innovative Lösungen für ein zukunftsfähiges Energiesystem bei.

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Bewusst Kaufen

Bewusst Kaufen - klimafreundlich leben ist eine Initiative des Bundesministeriums für Klimaschutz (BMK) für nachhaltigen Konsum in Österreich und wird durch das Institut für Nachhaltigkeit wissenschaftlich begleitet.

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Im COMET Projekt InNerOut wurden in Kooperation zwischen BEST GmbH (Projektleitung), Ochsner GmbH, FH Wiener Neustadt – Campus Wieselburg und der Universität Trento an innovativen Lösungen für Luft/Wasser-Wärmepumpen geforscht.

Head of Institute

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Meet the Team

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