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Institute of Law

Almost every professional field is subject to a multitude of legal provisions or regulations. Whoever wants to successfully represent their own interests or the interests of their organisational unit needs comprehensive legal knowledge.


With this in mind, the Institute of Law offers students of all faculties an academically sound and at the same time practice-oriented education in the legal fields relevant to the respective professional field. When creating the curricula and teaching law courses, we set great value on students acquiring interconnected, application-oriented legal knowledge. In addition to academic training, our students also gain the competence of being able to apply abstract legal provisions to concrete life situations.

Our courses are taught by both the Head and faculty members of the Institute of Law, as well as by renowned experts in the legal field (legal profession, judiciary, administration, legal departments of private/public companies). This ensures a practice-oriented education at university level as defined by section § 3 (1) nr. 1 University of Applied Sciences Act.


The research areas of the Institute of Law include, in particular,

  • Business Law and Public Procurement Law;
  • European Competition Law;
  • Higher Education Law etc.

Applied research combined with practical relevance plays an essential role within the Institute of Law.