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Institute for Personal Skills Development

The Institute for Personal Skills Development offers a variety of different courses on leadership and personal skills development across all faculties in order to prepare tomorrow's graduates in the best possible way – with respect to their social and professional skills – for the job market and the challenges they will face when interacting with people.


The Institute for Personal Skills Development offers workshop-based skills training at various levels in order to professionalise students, with an emphasis on:

  • learning and self-management
  • team and collaboration
  • conversation and presentation
  • consulting, conflict and negotiation skills
  • leadership and self-management

In skill assessment courses we further provide appropriate competency training on communication preferences (NBI®), team role behaviour (BELBIN® team roles) as well as personal competency assessment (KODE® competency profile).

Building on the foundations of individual and social competency, students develop team and project management action competencies in the context of project work with real clients from the business and non-profit sectors.

Head of Institute

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Meet the Team

Nicole Erker
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Ruth Leitner
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