Corporate Accounting & Controlling

The Department of Corporate Accounting & Controlling is your contact point for all matters relating to accounting, annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements, accounting systems, cost accounting, controlling, corporate planning and related matters.


Our department offers a total of three specialisations in German and one specialisation in English (in cooperation with the Finance Department) in the following programmes:

"Unternehmensrechnung und Revision" (Corporate Accounting & Auditing) in the German Bachelor programme "Wirtschaftsberatung"

In addition to a sound basic training in accounting, you will receive a broad education in business management and the knowledge you need on legal matters – which will be indispensable for any future job. This includes tax law, accounting regulations, controlling and corporate planning.

"Unternehmensrechnung und Wirtschaftsprüfung" (Corporate Accounting & Auditing) in the German Master programme "Wirtschaftsberatung & Unternehmensführung"

This specialisation focuses on content that is extremely important in auditing. It includes special issues relating to the accounting and auditing of associations and private foundations. In view of increasing globalisation, it includes international accounting in accordance with IFRS. Special attention is also paid to the International Standards on Auditing (ISA), due to their adoption into Austrian auditing standards. Regarding the specialisation of tax consultancy, topics such as the taxation of partnerships, reorganisations and procedural law, financial criminal law and international tax law are covered.

"Unternehmensplanung und Controlling" (Business Planning & Controlling) in the German Master programme "Wirtschaftsberatung & Unternehmensführung"

In addition to the central topics of corporate planning and controlling, the programme covers important current topics such as value-based management, risk management, and crisis and restructuring management. Selected legal questions relevant to a controller’s job are also part of
the training.

"International Accounting & Finance" in the English Bachelor programme "Business Consultancy International"

This double major is implemented in cooperation with the Finance Department. In addition to abroad education in business management, you will receive a sound basic training in Accounting & Finance. Courses like "Analysis of Financial Statements" and "Special Issues in Accounting and Taxation" will deepen your knowledge of Accounting. Additionally you will have Finance courses about capital markets and investments, derivative securities, as well as about multinational finance and risk management.

Amongst other programmes that are taught in English, our department provides courses on accounting, the preparation and analysis of annual financial statements and tax law. We also provide courses on basic business management topics in programmes offered by the Faculties of Engineering, Health, Sports and Security.

Our lecturers practice what they teach in their lectures. They are chartered accountants, management consultants and executives with solid academic backgrounds and broad teaching experience.


Our department’s research activities can be divided into the following categories:

Dissertation projects for academic staff members

One of our academic lecturers is currently writing a thesis entitled "Didactics in law courses offered as part of business programmes at universities of applied sciences”. The aim of the thesis is a comparative analysis of the differences in teaching in the tertiary education sector and the optimisation of jurisprudential didactics in business programmes. New concepts of teaching play a central role here.

Research on current topics

Digitalisation in Tax Consulting and Auditing Firms
(Egger, Nitzlader, Zierlinger)
Digitalisation, i.e. the growing importance of information and communication technologies, is increasingly changing the day-to-day work of tax consultancy- and auditing companies. Internal processes and workflows in these firms are becoming more efficient as a result of digitalisation. In particular, the automation of certain activities and the faster accomplishment of complex tasks ultimately lead to an increase in value added. The aim of this study is to determine the extent to which concrete processes in an tax consulting- and auditing firms have already been digitalised or automated, the general advantages and disadvantages perceived with regard to digitalisation, what personnel skills are required as a consequence of increased digitalisation, as well as the extent to which an increase in digitalisation affects the business models of tax consulting- and auditing firms.

Tax Consulting & Auditing
(Studnitzka/Krendelsberger/Zierlinger, Steuerberatung und Wirtschaftsprüfung in: Sichler/Häfke-Schönthaler (ed.), Beratung in der Wirtschaft. Grundlagen und Anwendungsfelder, Linde international 2018, p. 131–158)
The article "Steuerberatung und Wirtschaftsprüfung" (Tax Consulting and Auditing) in the editorial work "Beratung in der Wirtschaft" (Consulting in Business) provides an insight into the world of accountancy services. It describes the role of auditors and tax consultants, presents the market structure and analyses current trends.

The department also conducts research on various topics together with students, who primarily research current innovations and issues in the context of their master's theses.

Head of Department

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