1. Study Programme

Inform yourself about the study programme of your choice!

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2. Online Registration

Possible before your final examination (school-leaving certificate or bachelor’s examination)

Deadline for the provision of admission qualifications

  • 31.10. for studies beginning in the winter semester
  • 31.03. for studies starting in the summer semester

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3. Entry Requirements

Verification of fulfilment of admission requirements by the Admissions Department

General admission requirements for a bachelor’s degree programme

  • Austrian school-leaving certificate or an equivalent foreign certificate or
  • Austrian vocational maturity certificate or
  • Relevant university entrance examination
  • Studying without a school-leaving certificate

General admission requirements for a master’s degree programme

  • Completion of a relevant bachelor’s degree programme or
  • An equivalent or higher degree programme (e.g. a diploma degree programme)

Please refer to the relevant study programme website for any additional programme-specific admission requirements and the required language level.

4. Admission

After verification that you have fulfilled the admission requirements, you will be invited to take part in the assessment day (subject to change).

5. Acceptance to the University

You will be informed in writing about the status of your application in accordance with your result in the admission procedure.

6. Summer Schools

We recommend that you visit one of our summer schools before you begin your studies so that you can hit the ground running.

7. Study Start

  • Costs: You must pay the tuition fee and the student union fee before the start of your studies.
  • Educational agreement & documents pertaining to study programme: can be found in the downloadcenter.
  • Your first day of studies: Welcome and registration (attendance is required) - You will find details on the relevant study programme page.