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Department of Real Estate Management


"If you want to build high towers, you need to spend a lot of time on the foundations."

(Josef Anton Bruckner)

Real estate management comprises the performance of management tasks at all stages of the real estate life-cycle that are necessary to develop, manage, market and exploit a property in a target-oriented manner. Economic, technical, legal, environmental and social aspects must be taken into account.

As part of the specialisation in real estate management, we offer a top-class, real-estate-specific education in both the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, which forms the basis - and thus the foundation - for a successful career in the real estate industry. Together with our cooperation partners, we provide theoretical knowledge, a variety of insights into practice and the direct implementation on real properties of what has been learned.


The Department of Real Estate Management offers specialisations in the Bachelor's degree programme in Wirtschaftsberatung and in the Master's degree programme in Wirtschaftsberatung & Unternehmensführung and includes the most important representatives and opinion leaders from the Austrian real estate industry among its lecturers.

Real Estate Management as part of the German Bachelor’s programme Wirtschaftsberatung:

The Real Estate Management specialisation in the Bachelor's programme Wirtschaftsberatung provides the perfect basis for successfully gaining a foothold in the real estate industry. Moreover, it enables you, among other things, to enter the classic, real estate fiduciary professions (Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Manager, Property Developer).

By successfully completing the specialisation, you will have the following job opportunities open to you:

  • Junior real estate agent
  • Junior property manager
  • Junior Project Developer
  • Junior Asset Manager

Real Estate Management as part of the German Master’s programme Wirtschaftsberatung & Unternehmensführung:

As part of the Real Estate Management specialisation in the Master's programme in Wirtschaftsberatung & Unternehmensführung, you will learn all the management tasks (planning, organisation, implementation and control) required for the stages of the real estate cycle, both in the lecture hall and on real properties: developing, managing, exploiting and marketing a property in a goal-oriented manner. Specialising in real estate management is therefore your springboard to a career in management tasks in the real estate industry.

By successfully completing the specialisation, you will have the following job opportunities open to you:

  • Real estate trustee
  • Real estate valuer
  • Real estate project developer
  • Real estate fund manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Corporate Real Estate Manager


The Department of Real Estate Management is constantly involved in current research projects and publishes regularly in recognised, professional journals. The constant examination of the latest developments enables us to ensure high-quality teaching.

Research project - Sustainability and property valuation:

In times of climate change, the topic of sustainability plays an increasingly central role in the most diverse areas of life. In the real estate sector, this is evident not least in the emergence of green building certificates at the beginning of the millennium, the legal regulation set out in the Energy Performance Certificate Submission Act and the steadily increasing media interest in sustainable projects. Within the framework of our research project, the importance of the topic of sustainability for the end customer - and whether it is an essential factor for the (market) value - will be shown.

Research project - The Vienna apartment building market - an empirical study:

Vienna apartment house deals are decreasing every year: in 2018, there were almost seven percent less than in the previous year. Because supply is becoming scarce, prices are still rising. Despite the associated decline in yields, this type of investment is highly popular. In addition to companies, financial institutions and foundations, sole or co-owners are also classic investors in apartment buildings. The research project is investigating which current trends and developments can be identified within the apartment building market.

Research project - Tax and condominium law issues in connection with short-term rentals:

The short-term letting of one's own four walls is becoming increasingly popular in Austria. The focus for short-term renters is mostly on achieving an attractive, additional income; the legal consequences of short-term letting, however, are often not known. A specialist article refers to the aspects of tax and residential property law.

Head of Department

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