The development and production of food occupy a central position in both teaching and research at the Department of Food Sciences. All aspects which have a direct or indirect impact on a product, its properties, or the production process are included.


We support companies in the following areas: We develop food products adapted to customer requirements, optimise processes, carry out storage tests. Additionally, we analyse product properties - including those of competitors - and investigate the sensory properties of food products.


Students learn about the entire value chain of a food product, with all its facets, from raw materials to a final developed, packaged, and marketable product. All aspects that are relevant during development, production and marketing are considered in the courses we teach.

The following study programmes teach food competencies:

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We both develop new products and optimise existing products and processes. As further eminent research objectives, we find new uses for by-products from food production and develop new food products for special target groups.

Cooperation projects

We cooperate with numerous Austrian research institutes, colleges, universities, commercial enterprises, relevant associations, and public institutions in the field of food technology, food sensory analysis and product development.

Head of Department

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