Management und Leadership

Institute of Management and Leadership Development

“Man does not only act according to what he is: he also becomes how he acts.” (Viktor Frankl)

Organisations consist of people, and the management of those people determines a business’s success. In its research and teaching, the Institute of Management and Leadership Development takes up the challenge of strategic, organisational and personnel management. With the help of internal and external experts, we aim to provide excellent education and further training to specialists and managers. We aspire to the highest level of team spirit and teaching.


In the bachelor's programme, we impart practice-oriented, basic knowledge in the fields of management, human resources and leadership. Building on this, we guide you through the master's programme with a broad and varied range of knowledge and ability. Our institute’s teaching is characterised by a dynamic mix of personal contact with lecturers and experienced practitioners, enriched with e-learning elements for studying from home. Proven theories, combined with knowledge of trends in the various areas of management and leadership form the basis for further developing your professional skills and perspectives for practical experience.


We don't just talk about it and discuss it with you – we also research it! Our research portfolio is diversified. In the course of our own research work, and by supporting you in your final papers (bachelor's or master's theses), we gain relevant, expert knowledge in many areas. We are currently conducting research in the following fields:

  • Modern working environments
  • Leadership development
  • Team and project management
  • Diversity management
  • Positive psychology and positive leadership
  • Personality and competency diagnostics

Research projects:

NERD II - "Nutzen, Effekte und Risiken permanenter digitaler Verfügbarkeit"

Gender Gap 4.0

Head of Institute

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