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Institute of Mathematics & Statistics

Tools – Ways of thinking – Key competencies

Solving problems | Making decisions | Gaining an overview | Recognising structures | Recognising connections | Judging what is possible and what is not | Evidence-based and analytical thinking

The twin goals of the Institute of Mathematics & Statistics are to teach these skills and thereby help students achieve their own objectives, and to do this in a setting that invites them to think while having fun and experiencing the fascinating world of mathematics.


Applied mathematics in technology

"Mathematics is the alphabet which God has used to describe the universe." is how Galileo Galilei elegantly summarised his understanding of the discipline. Some technical problems can only be precisely described and understood by using mathematical methods. Only then is it possible to develop solutions that in turn use mathematics.

Knowledge and the confident use of mathematical concepts form the basis of any technically oriented education, whether in computer science (encryption, coding, algorithms etc.), the field of mechatronics (signal analysis, system theory, statics etc.) or other physical applications.

Applied mathematics in business

Making management decisions based entirely on a gut feeling is the preferred method in old films or companies that either struck lucky or no longer exist today.

A modern, successful enterprise bases its decisions on deep analysis, whether in terms of profitability, financing or risk management. Mathematics is the language of such analyses.

Statistics and quantitative methods

“The only statistics you can trust are those you falsified yourself.” This is the best-known quote on statistics and perhaps also the first thing that comes to mind when speaking about this topic. It is even more appropriate in these times of fake news.

"Why Most Public Research Findings Are False" is the title of one of the most frequently cited scientific publications on this subject.

Both the quote and the publication title indicate how important the competent handling of data is in order to evaluate situations correctly. Using statistics as the basis for evidence-based decision-making is an essential competency in many occupations, and the trend is only increasing.

Head of Institute

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