Mobility Options

Semester abroad as career-turbo

Get a decisive career advantage by studying far away from home. A semester abroad promotes your adaptability and communication skills, your independence, your social competence and your intercultural sensitivity. In order to prepare you in the best possible way for your "leap abroad", we offer comprehensive and competent advice on planning, implementing and recognising your stay abroad at one of our partner universities.

A mobility window for studying abroad is included in all study programmes of the Faculties of Economics and Technology (for bachelor students in the 3rd semester, masters in the 4th semester). Students of the Faculties of Sport and Health should contact the head of the study programme if they are interested.

FacultyStudy ProgrammeMobility window
3rd semester
3rd semester
5th semester
4th semester
4th semester
3d semester

What options are available?

  • Erasmus+ Programme
    Spend an exchange semester at a partner university in Europe and benefit from an Erasmus+ grant of € 420 to 520 per month. You pay the regular Austrian tuition fees at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, but are exempt from tuition fees at the partner university.
  • Joint Study Programme
    Spend an exchange semester at a partner university outside Europe. You pay the regular Austrian tuition fees at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, but are exempt from tuition fees at the non-European partner university.
  • Free Mover
    If you are interested in an exchange semester at a foreign university with which our university does not have a cooperation agreement, you can apply as a free mover. It should be noted that both the tuition fees at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt and the tuition fees at the host university are to be paid by you in full and that you are also responsible for organising your stay.


Are you planning a semester abroad and looking for support?

Detailed information on semesters abroad and Erasmus+ funding opportunities is available during the Erasmus Days and at our International Fair. On moodle in the course "International Office-Information" you will also find field reports, a lot of detailed information about our partner universities as well as recordings of information events. For individual advice on all questions concerning semester abroad and the Erasmus+ grant, please come to the International Office during our opening hours or contact us by e-mail.

Start of information processOctoberMarch/April
Application deadlineend of Februaryend of August
Allocation of exchange place
beginning of March
beginning of September
Registration of the partner university
March to June
September to November
Exchange semesterFall semesterSpring semester
Follow-up meetingDecember to February
June to September

How are admission to the semester abroad and the allocation of places at partner universities carried out?

After submitting the application documents to the International Office, the head of the study programme decides on the admission. In the International Office, the places at the partner universities are allocated according to the following criteria:

  • Weighted average grade and number of open examinations in previous semesters
  • Specialisation(s), the topic of the Master's thesis (Master) and the proposed study plan abroad (Master)
  • Requirements of partner universities (language certificates, GPA)
  • buddy activity - Requirements of the study programmes

Funding programmes

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Erasmus+ Grants

All study places available at our partner universities in Europe are in principle supported by an Erasmus+ grant. Mobility programmes in the UK are also funded with an Erasmus+ grant.

Application / Deadlines

Applications must be submitted to the International Office

  • by the end of May for the upcoming winter semester
  • by the end of November for the upcoming summer semester

Financial details / Benefits

  • Depending on the target country, the amount of the grant is between € 420 and € 520 per month.
  • Erasmus+ special grants for students with disabilities or chronic diseases and for students with children can be applied for in addition to the Erasmus+ mobility grant.
  • EU Academy: European online linguistic support service for mobility and national languages
  • Students who receive a study grant apply for an international grant at the Studienbeihilfestelle and in addition apply for an Erasmus+ equalisation payment (a top-up grant in case the international grant is lower than the Erasmus+ grant).

Further information