Mission Statement

The need for highly qualified personnel in sales and distribution management is becoming increasingly important in an innovative environment and none more so than for companies located in central Europe, such as Austria. An increasing demand for sales staff on the Austrian labour market underlines this development.


The FHWN Sales Career Center’s goal is to give persons without any previous experience in sales an impression of what it means to be a sales employee. An assessment center should provide its the participants with the insight into whether or not they are interested in working in this field. In addition, as part of the "Sales Talent Check", participants will receive feedback on their personal strengths in sales.

The long-term vision of the FHWN Sales Career Center is to support participants to gain a foothold in companies’ sales divisions. For more in-depth technical training the FH Wiener Neustadt offers sales-specific degree programmes.

Target audience

People who want to embark on a new career path:

  • persons currently employed in positions with little or no connection to the sales department, for example in one of the following areas:
  • product management, project management, customer service, administration, controlling, consulting, logistics, merchandise management, or technical support.
  • Ideally, these persons are interested and willing to continue their education in the area of sales on a part-time basis at Bachelor's or Master's level.

If you are interested, contact Natalie Rieder by e-mail: natalie.rieder@fhwn.ac.at