The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (FHWN) is the epitome of a knowledge-based society whose performance depends primarily on highly qualified and motivated people. Dynamism and growth characterise our working world. Our success is mainly determined by our committed employees. The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt is an innovative employer that is distinguished by interdisciplinary co-operation, continuous development, many different work schedule models, flat hierarchies and numerous opportunities for further training.

Current Job Offers

Unfortunately we have no open position in our international study programmes at present.

Agnes Grünfelder

DI Dr. Christian Koller

"The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt allows me a lot of freedom when it comes to deciding on the content of my research and teaching within the curriculum. Other very pleasant advantages are the flexible hours and the ability to work from home for part of the time, which makes it easier for me to balance my work and family life.”

DI Dr. Christian Koller, Academic Staff Member, Department of Electrical Engineering

Cornelia Horvath

Mag. Henriette Gupfinger

"After seven years in management consulting, it was a new and exciting challenge for me to pass on the "virus" of sustainable action to the students of the Campus Wieselburg through lectures and projects. It is not surprising that many measures in the environmental field have positive economic effects. In particular, the handling of resources - keyword: cycle management (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) - all relevant for companies as well as personal user behaviour for future generations."

Mag. Henriette Gupfinger, Academic Staff Member, Department Sustainability & CSR Management

Elisabeth Jäger

Mag. Dimitrij Turaev

"In my position as academic staff member at the Biotech Campus Tulln of the FH Wiener Neustadt, I can be equally involved in teaching and research projects, although I have a great deal of creative freedom in both areas. Such an activity not only corresponds to my interests, but also offers variety and remains exciting and challenging, which is especially important for me in the long run."

Mag. Dimitrij Turaev, Academic Staff Member, Bioinformatics, Research & Teaching in the field of Bio Data Science

Career Opportunities

Universities of the future will need outstanding employees who are willing to go the proverbial extra mile. At the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt you will find the challenges and liberties you need to develop your ideas and talents. And, of course, the targeted support that will help you in pursuing these. We invest heavily in the sustainable development of high achievers, especially in teaching and research. Our priority is to help our experts develop their specific scientific competencies.

A structured onboarding process enables new employees to quickly find their feet at our university. We promote our employees’ potential and development with continuing education programmes that are targeted at specific groups.

As an employer, we also offer – together with selected partners such as the Conference of Universities of Applied Sciences (FHK, Fachhochschul-Konferenz) – a comprehensive continuing education programme for our employees in areas such as university didactics, communication and leading discussions in teaching, competence-based performance assessment and the support and assessment of scientific work.

University & Family

The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (FHWN) is committed to balancing family and career and, therefore, took part in the university and family audit initiated by the Federal Ministry for Families and Youth. Balancing family and career presents a challenge not only for employees but also for managers.

FHWN would like to constantly implement further sustainable measures in the field of work-family balance, family friendliness and the compatibility of career and private life. The measures focus on improving the overall conditions for employees and students with dependents.

Why is the FHWN concerned with family friendliness?

Addressing the issue of family friendliness has enabled FHWN to position itself as a modern employer, thereby contributing to Wiener Neustadt’s image as an attractive university location. With an increasingly culturally diverse workforce and the flexibility of working hours and locations, we are equipped to handle the major challenges of globalisation, such as demographic changes and a resulting shortage of skilled workers.


Team & Contact

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