Getting an education at a university of applied sciences is, above all, more practice-oriented than at a university. In contrast, a university education is characterized by theory and science. A university of applied sciences has a limited number of places, a fixed timetable and occasionally attendance requirements. Getting a place on a course is thus guaranteed, and the studies can usually be completed in the minimum amount of time necessary.

Achievements can be compared throughout Europe on the basis of ECTS credits acquired their studies. A bachelor's programme worth 180 credits is therefore always of the same standard, regardless of whether it was completed at a university of applied sciences or at a university.

ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. The Bologna Process introduced this credit system to make academic achievements comparable, transferable and universally recognised across the EU. Credit points (ECTS) are awarded for courses that have been successfully completed. The number varies according to the workload. One credit corresponds to about 25 to 30 study hours.

The current tuition fee is EUR 363.36/semester plus EUR 22.70/semester student union fee.
Third-country nationals enrolled in English-speaking degree programs, please refer to the respective valid regulation.
You can find more information about the costs here.

Yes. Under certain circumstances you are entitled to financial support, such as in the form of a study grant. You can find more information on the website of the Austrian Study Grant Authority (https://www.stipendium.at/).

The bachelor's programme is three years (six semesters), the master's programme is two years (four semesters).

A bachelor's programme at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt is open to students even without the Austrian school leaving certificate (the so-called Matura) or any general university entrance qualification through a certificate for completion of vocational training (so-called Berufsreife in Austria) or relevant university entrance examination). Depending on the course of study chosen, you must have a relevant previous education and take appropriate additional examinations.

The student union (ÖH) of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt Wieselburg Tulln is the legal representative of all students at FH Wiener Neustadt GmbH and will assist you with the following matters:

- Information on study grants, scholarships & aid

- Advice on issues with lecturers or exams

- Financial support for excursions

- Checking bachelor & master theses for plagiarism for free

Previous knowledge can be credited upon request after submitting corresponding certificates of achievement. The Head of Programme shall decide whether to accredit it or not.

Follow the steps in our video guide (in German) and apply for your desired degree programme!

HOW TO Online Bewerbung

The number of available places is limited for each programme. Admission procedures vary from programme to programme. They can comprise group exercises but also entrance exams and admission interviews. Further information on the admission procedure for individual study programmes can be found HERE.

Students can choose from a range of low-cost accommodation that suit their needs, such as the halls of residence made available by the Fachhochschul-Immobiliengesellschaft located in the immediate vicinity of the FH Campus 1 building or the WIHAST student dormitory, also nearby. Please register for these halls of residences on time. The monthly costs vary between EUR 230.00 and EUR 350.00. You can find more information about student accommodations HERE.

Campus 1 Wiener Neustadt is located about 35 minutes south of Vienna and is easily accessible by train and car. From Wiener Neustadt Hauptbahnhof (main station), you can reach Campus 1 Wiener Neustadt by bus in 17 minutes. Ample parking is available for students in the immediate proximity of the University of Applied Sciences.

The City Campus in the heart of Wiener Neustadt also has great access to public transportation: only 15 minutes on foot from the main railway station (or 6 minutes by bike), car parks in the immediate vicinity, Nextbike station, parking spaces for bicycles & e-scooters, bus stops 100m–350m away.

Information on bus timetables can be found on the VOR website (https://www.vor.at/fahrplan/fahrplanservices/linienfahrplan/). A VOR ticket to Wiener Neustadt allows you use the buses in Wiener Neustadt.

Regardless of how long the break is, students on Campus 1 of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt can use the sunny and modern cafeteria. The cafetria offers a variety of freshly prepared and seasonal and dishes including meals of the day in addition to fruit, salads, snacks, desserts, ice cream and a wide selection of hot and cold beverages.

The culinary offerings at the City Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt also leave nothing to be desired: the campus has a food truck, the “Campus Eck” snack bar (opposite the Hauptplatz car park) and a variety of places to eat in the town centre such as 'Marienmarkt' just a 2-minute walk away!

The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt’s global network of partner universities enables you to attend a summer school at a foreign university. These one- to several-week specialist courses offer different topics for differing target groups. Summer school enables specialised continuing education in addition to an attractive language and cultural supporting programme in an international setting.

The internships required to complete a degree vary by number and duration depending on the programme. We therefore recommend that you clarify which requirements you need directly with the degree programme. The selection of the internship place and the internship period also have to be agreed individually within the scope of your studies.

Of course! Applicants are accepted as long as they are suitable for the desired degree based on the admission procedure. Applicants with disabilities or chronic illnesses are welcome to make a counselling appointment so that we may review the degree they wish to study with regard to existing requirements and their own physical limitations. In this regard, the different support options that are provided by the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt can be coordinated and, if necessary, alternative educational options can be found within the wide range of learning opportunities offered by the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt. The designated contact person for applicants, students and lecturers with disabilities and chronic illnesses is Mag. Maria Schweighofer (Tel.: +43 2622 89084-582; email: maria.schweighofer@fhwn.ac.at)

The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt has a total of four locations: Wiener Neustadt, Wieselburg, Tulln and Vienna. Moreover, the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt has six campuses: Campus 1 Wiener Neustadt (main building), City Campus Wiener Neustadt (as of autumn 2019), Marketing Campus Wieselburg, Campus Francisco Josephinum Wieselburg, Biotech Campus Tulln, Campus Rudolfinerhaus Wien.

Further information

Yes, we offer four study programmes entirely taught in English - Business Consultancy International (Bachelor & Master), MedTech (Master), Aerospace Engineering (Master).

If you are an EU citizen, you do not need a visa. If you are not an EU country citizen, then yes you must apply for a student visa in your home country. Depending on the country of origin, the process can take 2-12 months.

The deadlines for applications are end of March for students who need a visa to study in Austria and mid-June for EU citizens and students who already have a visa.