Marktforschung und Methodik

Institute of Market Research & Methodology

The Institute of Market Research & Methodology focuses on teaching both general research methods, as well as applied research in the field of market research. This includes internal market research for programme reviews and new programmes.


In addition to teaching market research in programmes offered by the Faculty of Business, we organise and design courses to introduce students to scientific work, specific scientific methods and procedures (e.g. sampling, qualitative methods and constructing questionnaires) and research concepts. We organise and hold bachelor's and master's seminars and advise the heads of programme on updating their curricula and on selecting teaching staff. We also offer courses on scientific work in our internal continuing-education programme and advise colleagues on methodological issues, for example in connection with their research activities.


Research topics:

  • University research
  • Sensitive topics – sensitive issues – sensitive data
  • Transition from university to profession
  • Quality of life, and health
  • Wellbeing
  • Focus groups in market research

Current research projects:

  • Wellbeing: measurement, concept, relationships to meaning and flow (dissertation project)
  • Chronic illness and sexual satisfaction (in co-operation with the Faculty of Health)
  • Applied market research

Head of Institute

Kathrin Gärtner hell
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Karin Wegenstein