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Melanie Sophie Hense

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Melanie Sophie Hense



Lecturer / Researcher Institute of Market Research & Methodology


City Campus Wiener Neustadt
Schlögelgasse 22-26
2700 Wiener Neustadt
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Research Activities

  • Paradigmen für die UX-Forschung

    In the context of user experience (UX) and UX research, there are a number of research paradigms and concepts, which, with the exception of the supporting method of eye tracking, are mainly limited to traditional research methods, so that an additional integration of other measurement techniques to capture the objective measurement level such as facial expression analysis or the measurement of the psychophysiological level, for example in the form of heart rate variability, galvanic skin response and muscle activity, may offer alternative and/or additional possibilities to record mental strain and emotional stress reactions potentially way more sensitive than the traditionally used repertoire of methods. Therefore, using two exemplary scenarios, paradigms for recording UX or possible limitations in usability should be developed, which combine traditional methods of UX and usability research with psychophysiological methods, are tested for validity and practical suitability as part of master's theses and should then be used in the teaching context along with preparation of various teaching materials, for example in the form of short instructional videos; additionally, the aim is to cooperate with public institutions and offices and to present the paradigms developed and established in this way at relevant conferences.


    This research project focuses on how companies, managers with leadership responsibilities and as well as employees handle diffuse working hours. Extended home office regulations have been introduced in many companies due to the pandemic. Employers and employees are faced with frequently changing framework conditions and increased working time flexibility. In cooperation with Lower Austrian companies and their work councils, the research team develops solutions for a reasonable approach towards working time flexibility. This research project is funded by the Future Programme Project Fund Work 4.0 of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Labour. The project team consists of faculty members from the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt and the University of Graz.


  • Wegenstein, Karin/Hense, Melanie/ Gruber, Angelika/Stranzl, Julia (2020): Arbeit im digitalen Wandel – Strategien zur Gestaltung entgrenzter digitaler Arbeitstätigkeit. In: Wirtschafts- und Sozialpolitische Zeitschrift (WISO) 43 (3): 47-66. Linz.