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Ruth Leitner

Ruth Leitner

Ruth Leitner



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Lecturer / Researcher Institute for Personal Skills Development


City Campus Wiener Neustadt
Schlögelgasse 22-26
2700 Wiener Neustadt
Ruth Leitner

Research Activities


    The JOBCRAFT project is dedicated to a proactive, self-organized and meaning-oriented form of work design by employees, called job crafting, where an optimal fit between job and person is sought. The process is based on the goals, needs, skills and values of the employees in order to find more fulfillment and meaning in work. There has been informative, practice-oriented research on this worldwide for around 20 years, but hardly any in Austria. The approach that promotes employee participation at the workplace also seems to be little known in (Lower) Austria. In the project, on the one hand, questionnaire studies (panel: cross-sectional study, pre-post evaluation study: longitudinal study) on the spread and effectiveness of job crafting in the Lower Austria area, and on the other hand, job crafting day workshops for employees from ideally two partner companies are to be carried out to determine the effects of this intervention on job crafting and the work behavior of employees in the company. The project aims to make a significant contribution to the sustainable humanization of work as part of its digital, organizational and cultural transformation. To ensure that the changes in modern working life do not overwhelm employees, employees should be involved in shaping their changing of work. As much as possible, they should take responsibility for structuring their job profile and be able to design their work in such a way that they can reflect their skills and preferences, their personality and development goals.


  • Schnekker, Sahra / Leitner, Ruth / Kwas, Mario (2023): Unternehmerisches Mindset in der entrepreneurialen und intrapreneurialen Hochschulbildung. In: 16. Forschungsforum der österreichischen Fachhochschulen. St. Pölten.
  • Cechovsky, N. / Leitner, R. (2021): Business teacher training students in Austria: Their Study choice and learning motivations. In: Nägele, C. / Kersh, N. / Stadler, B.E. (Hrsg.): European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Cechovsky, N. / Leitner, R. (2021): Zeit im Kontext des Studienerfolgs – eine quantitative Studie bei Wirtschaftsstudierenden . In: Krempkow, R. / Vettori, O. / Buß, I. (Hrsg.): Studierbarkeit und Studienerfolg - zwischen Konzepten, Analysen und Steuerungspraxis. Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung. Verfügbar unter: