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Reinhard Herok

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Reinhard Herok


Lecturer / Researcher Institute for Sustainability


Campus Wieselburg
Zeiselgraben 4
3250 Wieselburg
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Research Activities

  • Koomunikationskonzept zur Internationalisierung

    Goals of the concept development is to create a rollout for a communication concept of worm boxes for new international markets by analyzing the sales funnel from the 1st contact to the conclusion.

  • Marketingkonzept für die Gemeinwohlprüfung

    The aim of the project is to develop a marketing concept that clearly positions the "Gemeinwohlprüfung" der GFG (Genossenschaft für Gemeinwohl) as an USP, anchors it more firmly in the awareness of existing cooperative members and serves to attract new members.

  • Marketingkonzept Genossenschaft für Gemeinwohl

    The aim of the project is the development of a marketing concept for the GFG (Genossenschaft für Gemeinwohl) for the recruitment of members from Generation Y and Z.