Gebäude Tulln 2

Birgit Herbinger

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Birgit Herbinger


Head of Bachelor Biotechnical Processes
Head of Master Biotechnical Processes


Biotech Campus Tulln
Konrad-Lorenz-Straße 10
3430 Tulln
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Research Activities

  • Ra-Dia_M

    In the field of cancer diagnostics, the IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences and the Wiener Neustadt Biotech Campus Tulln University of Applied Sciences are jointly breaking new ground in Lower Austria. The effectiveness of drugs on cancer cells is examined under the so-called Raman microscope and evaluated with artificial intelligence (AI).

  • CIM - Tumorstroma Analytik mittels Nano LC-MS/MS

    The project will use Nano LC- MS/MS to provide a deeper insight into the complex communication system of cancer cells with their neighbours and the influence of therapy on this network.

  • Myko-Ten

    This project will investigate the potential of mealworms for the degradation of mycotoxins in food and feed. At the FH, the proteome of mealworms will be isolated and qualitatively recorded using Nano LC- MS/MS.

  • OMICS 4.0

    Bioinformatics in Interdisciplinary Life Science Research- The FH module includes the bioanalytical and bioinformatic search for relationships between transcriptome and metabolome data from Fusarium-infested grain.


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  • Grünfelder, A./Ratmanns, U./Holzer, M./Herbinger, B./Krska, R. (2009): Protein BioChips zum Nachweis von Schimmelpilzgiften in Lebens- und Futtermittel. In: FHK 2009 Konferenzhandbuch.
  • Grünfelder, A./Ratmanns, U./Holzer, M./Herbinger, B./Krska, R. (2008): Multiplexed Detection of Mycotoxins in Foodstuffs using Protein Microarrays. In: European Bioperspectives 2008 Book of Abstracts.
  • Hinnerth, M./Mladek, C./Holzer, M./Janotta, M./Wotawa, M./Herbinger, B./Krska, R. (2007): Development of Diagnostic Protein- Microarrays for Detection of Mycotoxins. In: European Bioperspectives 2007 Book of Abstracts.