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Elisabeth Wolfsteiner

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Elisabeth Wolfsteiner



Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Institute of Marketing & Sales


Campus Wieselburg
Zeiselgraben 4
3250 Wieselburg
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Research Activities

  • DigiWell

    This research project investigates the impact of parents' social media usage on the digital wellbeing of their children, an area that has received little attention despite the central role of social media in daily life. The aim is to develop evidence-based solutions by analyzing how parents use social media and its effects on children, to promote digital wellbeing in an increasingly digital world.

  • Human Branding über Selfies

    This project examines the effects of posting selfies on social networks for celebrities (and companies that work with them). Is the brand (both celebrities and companies) evaluated as more authentic and trustworthy in a selfie environment? Or does the selfie create such an intimate moment between celebrities and followers that sponsored content (if identified as such) confuses and angers consumers?

  • Virtuelle Influencer

    Companies are increasingly using virtual influencers (human-like, computer-generated figures who share their everyday lives with their followers on social media) to address their target group. Examples from practice show that virtual influencers are primarily “active” in the fashion and cosmetics industry, but other industries are also considered profitable for virtual influencers. This project examines the use of virtual influencers in the travel industry and their contribution to destination marketing.

  • biscuit4all

    The aim of the project is the development of a gender and diversity-sensitive framework model for interactive, digital solutions to promote climate-conscious behavior in different sustainability contexts. In the course of this, biscuit4all considers the 3 major climate-relevant contexts of energy use, mobility and nutrition.


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