Training & consulting

The FHWN Library offers all first-semester students training courses on how to use the library. It also offers database and reference management training courses. Training courses generally take place at the beginning of the semester and by appointment. Training courses can be booked for groups of seven or more.

The FHWN Library offers individual coaching to students who are writing a bachelor’s or master's thesis or a seminar paper on research techniques and reference management. The prerequisite for individual coaching is prior participation in a database training course.

Reference management

Courses for EndNote reference management software can be booked with Fabrizio Sommavilla. We are also available for individual consultations by appointment.

Pre-scientific work (VWA)

The goal of the VWA@FHWN course module is to span the spectrum from the basics of scientific work to transferring knowledge about the optimal use of libraries and information infrastructures and to professional research in database systems.

As a small gift for all students who participate in the VWA module, we hand out a bag that we jokingly call a survival kit. It includes a USB flash drive, writing materials, a cafeteria voucher for EUR 5.00 and information material.

All of the events we offer take place in the lecture halls of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt.

You can send us your registration and preferred times by e-mail. To simplify co-ordination, please let us know at least two possible dates 14 days in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact Fabrizio Sommavilla at: or +43/2622/89 084 134

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