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The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, Austria (FHWN) is strategically aimed at an internationalised educational concept, regionally anchored. Internationalisation should help to improve the quality of education. Our goal is not only to enhance employability but also to contribute to society by educating global citizenship.

We have a cosmopolitan campus where every student is considered 'international'; this means that through inter-cultural learning and experiences we equip our students to become successful citizens on a global stage.

Student and staff exchange with a significant volume as well as language competencies, intercultural competencies and transnational cooperations in teaching and applied research are important parts of this concept. Internationalisation is integrated in the strategy of all study degree programmes and realised due to the specific curricula.

FHWN's highest priority has always been to impart to students the crucial and necessary know-how for a career in a global business world. Students from more than fifty nations have chosen the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt for their academic education. We are constantly striving to enlarge our partner university network, at present we have bilateral agreements with more than 95 prestigious partner universities around the world.


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