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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.

Emmerich Haimer

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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.

Emmerich Haimer


Head of Bachelorstudiengang Nachhaltige Produktion & Kreislaufwirtschaft


Campus Wieselburg
Zeiselgraben 4
3250 Wieselburg
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Research Activities

  • CircularPro

    In the "CircularPro" project, a continuing education program for SMEs is being developed that is intended to enable product developers, product designers and development engineers to design products that are recyclable. Modules are developed with a focus on the basics and framework conditions of the circular economy, recyclable materials, circular design and construction principles and circular-based product-service systems. With these modules, participants should build up competencies in order to effectively develop sustainable and recyclable products and product-service systems in the future. In order to establish the practical relevance, case studies and practical exercises are developed for all modules, which supplement the theoretical content. The FHWN Innovation Lab provides a laboratory environment that can be used for prototyping and illustrating recyclable products. This project is funded by the FFG as part of the Innovation Camps program.


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