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Dipl.-Ing. Mag.

Philipp Kolmann

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Dipl.-Ing. Mag.

Philipp Kolmann


Lecturer / Researcher Institute of Computer Sciences


Campus 1 Wiener Neustadt
Johannes Gutenberg-Straße 3
2700 Wiener Neustadt
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Research Activities

  • 24/7-Digital

    The 24/7-Digital project addresses the challenges of 24-hour live-in care. Based on previous findings in the field of 24h care, a solution is designed and provided together, with all those involved in the care process. This will be tailored to the phases of 24h care (phase 1: on-boarding/change, phase 2: care, phase 3: phasing-out/transfer). The main focus is on the functions (i) remote support (live image/sound), (ii) care guidelines in times of climate change, (iii) infopoint: administration of self-employment & care documentation, and (iv) (interactive) translation. (Funding authority: FFG)


    The research project CO-INNO-LAB investigates regional success factors and models for co-innovation in university-run innovation labs. Studies are conducted with regional com-panies in the region, in particular small and medium-sized industrial companies (KMI), using methods of classic social research and innovative methods of intervention and action research. The role of infrastructures (university innovation labs) should also be examined. For this pur-pose, a innovation lab will be built. Another goal is to research the possibilities of digitizing the co-innovation process via combined real-virtual (cyber-physical) innovation spaces. The knowledge gained should be made available as recommendations for action, best practices and, in the case of technical developments, as conceptual prototypes.

  • Care about Care – C^C

    ‘Care about Care’ (C^C) aims to support the ecosystem of professional home care (care workers, care recipients, family and non-kin carers, home care organizations, software providers) by providing new ICT-enhanced ways of collaboration, assistance and information exchange. By developing and combining ICT-based solutions C^C intends to: (i) initiate new ways of collaboration, workflows and (remote) support to make care work more attractive, (ii) provide tools for sharing information between members of the care network and (iii) promote knowledge transfer between them. FH Wiener Neustadt is coordinating the project and leading the development of the Remote Care Assist service. (Funding authority: FFG and Active Assisted Living Programme; Website: https://www.careaboutcare.eu/)

  • AgeWell

    AgeWell is developing a virtual coach to accompany older workers during and beyond the retirement process. The main focus of the project is on promoting a meaningful life and a healthy lifestyle. In the project, the FH Wiener Neustadt is responsible for the integration of the respective Austrian target group, for the selection of the robot components, as well as for the implementation of the intended case scenarios. (Funding authority: FFG and Active Assisted Living Programme; Website: https://agewell-project.eu/)

  • CARU Cares

    'CARU cares' combines one of the most successful AAL services of the past - the emergency call - with new functions to support care workers in documenting their care activities. The result is a new, attractive and non-stigmatising way for elderly people in assisted living environments to make an emergency call to increase their sense of security and quality of life. The tasks of the FH Wiener Neustadt in the project are support within the framework of the co-creation and requirements process, conception and implementation of a component for location and context analysis as well as participation in the evaluation of the system. CARU cares will be tested and evaluated in Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. (Funding authority: FFG and Active Assisted Living Programme; Website: http://carucares.com/)


  • Schneider, Cornelia/Rameder, Philipp/Kolmann, Philipp/Trukeschitz, Birgit (2023): Remote Assistance for Home Care Workers: Concept and Technical Implementation at a Glance. In: Pfeifer, Bernhard/Schreier, Günter/Baumgartner, Martin/Hayn, Dieter (Hrsg.): https://www.iospress.com/catalog/books/dhealth-2023. IOS Press BV. Amsterdam.
  • Schneider, Cornelia/Kolmann, Philipp/Rudel, Brigitte/Szvetits, Michael/Rameder, Philipp/Trukeschitz, Birgit (2022): Voice-Based Notification of CareWorkers’ Arrival Time: Concept,Implementation and Validation ina Pilot Study. In: GI_Forum 2022 (Hrsg.).