FHWN 2016 65829 PR
Mag. (FH)

Elisabeth Steiner

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Mag. (FH)

Elisabeth Steiner


Head of Master Product Marketing & Innovation Management
Head of Department of Innovation


Campus Wieselburg
Zeiselgraben 4
3250 Wieselburg
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Study Programmes / Courses of Studies

Research Activities

  • Climate-friendly food consumption

    Against the background of the remarkable effects of the food market on global warming, the project investigates prevailing consumption barriers for climate-friendly products and derives concrete measures for the development, positioning and marketing of climate-friendly food products.

  • Methodenforschung Napping

    Sensory rapid methods (napping) are relatively young methods, with the number of subjects required for such methods being largely unexplored. For this reason, the present project pursues the objective of determining the optimal number of subjects for the method of nappings.


  • Steiner, Elisabeth/Wagner, Udo/Heim, Kathrin/Steiner, Roswitha/Maurer, Severin/Fina, Robert (2019): The integration of visual and oral somatosensory information: How color intensity impacts temperature and texture perceptions of food products, as well as related hedonic responses. In: 2019 EMAC Annual Conference Proceedings.
  • Steiner, Elisabeth/Wagner, Udo (2019): Two sides of the coin: Verbal sensory information and its impact on consumer responses – a meta-analysis covering positive as well as backfiring effects of verbal sensory information. In: 2019 EMAC Annual Conference Proceedings.
  • Steiner, Elisabeth/Maurer, Severin/Heim, Kathrin/Steiner, Roswitha/Fina, Robert/Wagner, Udo (2019): This dish smells creamy, I’ll like it, I’ll buy it – an examination of smell-texture correspondences and implications for liking, emotional responses and behavioral intentions. In: Proceedings of the 10th EMAC CEE Regional Conference.
  • Fina, Robert/Heim, Kathrin/Maurer, Severin/Steiner, Elisabeth/Steiner, Roswitha (2019): The integration of visual and oral somatosensory information. How color intensity impacts texture expectations and perceptions of food products. In: Proceedings of the 14th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium.
  • Steiner, Elisabeth (2018): Unverschwendet. Obst und Gemüse wegwerfen? Nicht mit uns! In: Fallstudien aus der österreichischen Marketingpraxis. Ein Arbeitsbuch zu den Grundzügen des Marketing. In: Wagner, Udo/Reisinger, Heribert/Akbari, Karl (Hrsg.). Facultas. Wien.
  • Steiner, Elisabeth/Wagner, Udo (2017): Amodal, sensory information on product packages: Effects for different categories of packaged food products. In: Proceedings of the 8th EMAC CEE Regional Conference.
  • Steiner, Elisabeth / Wagner, Udo (2016): Einfluss amodaler, sensorischer Verpackungsinformationen auf Assoziationen zum betreffenden Produkt. In: Marketing ZFP / https://doi.org/10.15358/0344-1369-2016-3-119. Vahlen. München.
  • del Campo, Cristina / Pauser, Sandra / Steiner, Elisabeth / Vetschera, Rudolf (2016): Decision making styles and the use of heuristics in decision making. In: Journal of Business Economics / https://doi.org/10.1007/s11573-016-0811-y. Springer.