Police and Security Research

Police & Security Research

Tasks in the police sector require effective cooperation between a wide range of stakeholders and groups. Leadership instruments, but also management processes, play a key role in this.

The Faculty of Security conducts research on the following topics:

An important tool is to try out leadership instruments in simulated and real operations in order to evaluate their efficiency and fit to the respective contexts. In particular, new scientific findings in Leadership Research are to be incorporated into police work.

The term "security" in this context is a management process in which various processes must be defined and streamlined, from the description of objectives to be fulfilled and the planning of future events and concrete decisions to the realisation and control of situations. Each of these aspects - indispensable for the successful management of operations – are being researched and evaluated.

In addition, the Faculty of Security conducts research in the area of New Threats & Critical Infrastructure Protection and offers its own advanced training course in the area of Business & Cyber Crime, so that the latest findings in research can be directly applied to police practice.

In the area of technological change, research interests primarily include Data Science, Open Source Intelligence and Biometrics.


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