Common Ground in ESP

24. May 202412:00 PM - 25. May 20241:00 PM
Campus 1 I Johannes Gutenberg Straße 3 I 2700 Wiener Neustadt

11th Austrian UAS Language Instructors' Conference

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Hyde Simon Caroline gr

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Caroline Hyde-Simon is a lecturer of English in the department Transversalis (ATV) at Zürich University of Applied Sciences.

The working title of her keynote is:

The Dynamic Evolution of ESP in Tertiary Education: Navigating Challenges and Expectations for Students and Instructors.

Dr. Hyde-Simon will be exploring the ever-evolving landscape of ESP in tertiary education and the challenges and expectations faced by both students and instructors.

She will also delve into what evolution in ESP means to her and explore how her personal experiences/challenges/expectations can shed light on the broader landscape of ESP.


We divided our main program (Hauptprogramm) into four tracks.

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Track 1 - Technology and AI

Nothing has impacted education like ChatGPT, and of course this applies to ESP as well. Several presentations tackle this topic head on, addressing issues such as writing in the classroom or using AI in evaluation.

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Track 2 - Global Perspectives

Language instruction is essentially an intercultural undertaking, and this is also an important aspect of ESP. A variety of presentations address the international nature of our profession, looking at issues relating to the future of English, the global job market, and cooperations across borders.

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Track 3 - English for Medical Purposes

EMP is one of the key needs in ESP - many presenters address a variety of issues in this area, including academic writing in medical English, collaborations on standardizing language translations between medical institutions, and teacher motivation in EMP.

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Track 4 - Professional English

The workplace is the one universal aspect of ESP, and presentations in this track examine various aspects of improving language skills for professional environments, from tracking competency in UAS applicants, to bringing real-world experiences into the classroom.

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